Jags 27, Texans 20: So Close and Yet So Schaub

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What did we learn from the game?
Bob McNair has no control over this team. No owner should allow a coach's team, so bereft of discipline and mired in an 11-game losing streak, to suffer through a quarterback controversy between two guys who won't even get the starting job next year. At this point, these games should be designed for one thing and one thing only: giving Case Keenum a chance to grow as a player. He won't be the long-term solution at starting QB, but there is no reason he can't be a good, serviceable backup. Putting in Schaub is simply moronic and McNair needs to put a stop to it for everyone's sake.

What do we never want to see/hear again?
After watching this game, I feel like my dreams will be haunted with yellow flags floating through the air. I mean, I like my TV, but I had to continually adjust the contrast with the penalty flags flying around and blinding me with their bright color.

Key Moment of the Game
I'd call the INT late in the fourth quarter here, but nothing beats what led up to it. In the third quarter, Matt Schaub entered the game and drove the team down the field for a touchdown. It was completely worthless and did nothing to help the team in the short or long term. Gary Kubiak will explain it along with the decision to play the hurry up offense, something he claims he is not comfortable doing with Case Keenum, but it is yet another example of how disconnected the coaching staff is from where this franchise is going long term.

Game Balls: Garrett Graham
Best of luck, Owen Daniels. Since the starter was lost with an injury, Graham has come in and put up numbers, none better than his 8 catches for 73 yards and a touchdown on Thursday night. He doesn't have Daniels offensive skill set, but he also doesn't count $6 million against the salary cap.

Game Balls: Andre Johnson
I've become a maniac watching the Texans. I'm now that guy who cheers for Schaub to throw an interception or get sacked. My wife can't tell who or what I'm yelling at. It's sad really. But, you will never catch me rooting against this guy. With another 13 catches for 124 yards, even at his age, he is one of the all-time greats.

Goat of the Week: DJ Swearinger
The rookie safety has been very good this season since taking over for Ed Reed (remember that guy?), but he'll want to burn the tapes of Thursday night's game. He was whistled for multiple penalties, none worse than the taunting flag he drew in the second quarter that allowed the Jags sustain a drive and tack on points before halftime. Kid has got to learn some restraint.

Random thought of the week:
Do I really have to watch the remaining three games? Seriously?

Next Up: at Indianapolis
The Colts have not looked particularly good lately, but winning in Indy isn't exactly a pastime for this franchise no matter who is under center.

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It all Boob McNair's fault. He doesn't know what in hell he's doing. What a loser. He makes Bud Adams looks like the best owner ever.

Puller58 topcommenter

Kubiak has decided to accept being fired.  The last time he put Schaub in, it was clear he hoped that getting the winning score would get the fans off Schaub's back and Kubiak could put his friend back in as full time starter.  Now with a miserable season virtually guaranteeing a changing of the guard, Kubiak's stubborn streak resurfaces and he'll likely keep Schaub on the field and dare McNair to fire him.  Works for me.

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