Happy Gary Kubiak Picture Is a Great Way to Start Your Day

Of course, this one is a little mean...

So there you go; in case you were wondering, Gary Kubiak seems to be adjusting to life without the Texans just fine. Apparently, despondence over being terminated is nothing that can't be cured by a fried shrimp platter and some bread pudding.

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Cory Cousins
Cory Cousins

That's great! He can probably finally focus on his health and his family.

KD Davis
KD Davis

Way to show them Coach Kubiak.


This is your day, Kubiak. It's not St Patty's Day.

Puller58 topcommenter

Oh I figured Kubiak had decided he was going to be fired this year, so he was prepared for it.  The one fly in the ointmint is that his buddy/boss Shanahan looks to be about done in DC, so if Kubiak wants a job, he'll have to talk to John Elway.

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