Gay NFL: Why Are We Still Talking About This?

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I guess I can understand why some male athletes might be concerned about sharing a locker room or a shower with someone who might be attracted to them, however disturbingly conceited that might be. But, anyone who has changed or showered in a public gym has most certainly done so at one point or another in the presence of a man who "bats for the other team," and they probably ignored you just like you ignored them.

But setting aside the personal space issues, why does anyone care what an athlete does in his personal time? My guess is that most of us don't. It makes for a good salacious talking point on sports talk, but most fans are only really concerned with on the field exploits. I can honestly say I never think for a second about what the athletes I cheer for do when they aren't playing sports. Frankly, I don't want to know the sexual proclivities of anyone let alone guys who play professional sports.

Ultimately, if Peyton Manning were gay, he'd still be the best quarterback in the NFL and if Matt Schaub were gay, he'd still be getting cut because he's been an awful quarterback for the Texans this year, not because he dates dudes. All of this will probably be solved when the first Hall of Fame-caliber player comes out of the closet. Chances are, criticism of his orientation will be muted by his talent. Still, when you consider it's been more than 65 years since Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball and we are still discussing sexual orientation in sports, it demonstrates how far we have left to go.

Back in 1993, the Oilers players accepted their gay teammates without reservation. It seems ridiculous that, 20 years later, we still struggle to follow their example.

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I would think in a few years it will not be a big deal.  2013 was a coming out year and good year for gay marriage.  Hopefully, all the states finally allow gay marriage and all of this will be old news.


In the future it will not be newsworthy when anybody comes out of the closet. It's just hard to know if we'll recognize that the future has arrived when it does. 

Puller58 topcommenter

It still smacks of sensationalism when you consider the testoserone laden aspect of the game.  I remember talking with a guy who did a brief stint in pro-wrestling as an announcer  and being hit on by Superstar Billy Graham.  For that matter, Richard Pryor once said that when he was on tour and peformed where a the Wrestling circuit was in town, he'd see them in the audience holding hands and kissing.  People equate muscles with heterosexuality which is silly. 


Because of Duck Die Nasty, that's why.

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