Ed Reed Update: Rex Ryan's "Big Strong Man"

Since Reed's arrival in New York three games ago, the Jets have allowed six touchdown passes, all of them longer than 26 yards. Specifically and most memorably, there was Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones's 66-yard bomb over Reed two weeks ago, and this past weekend there was a 31-yard touchdown by Miami's Brian Hartline in which Reed's missed tackle led to the big play.

More important, the Jets are now 0-3 since Reed's signing, losing the three games by a combined score of 79-20. If you're scoring at home (and if you're a Texans fan not only are you scoring at home, but you're probably also openly rooting against the Jets), Reed's team is now 0-10 this season in games for which he suits up.

Somewhere, the Detroit Lions are planning to invite Ed Reed to be the keynote speaker at their 2008 team reunion.

Despite Reed's embarrassingly poor play, according to ESPN.com's Rich Cimini, Rex Ryan is undeterred in his inclusion of Reed in the starting lineup each week:

"He's going to be starting unless he's injured," said Ryan, who coached Reed during their years together in Baltimore. "I think Ed gives us the best shot."

"If you look at it from a statistical standpoint, I can understand the question," Ryan said. "We all saw him miss the tackle on Hartline's touchdown. But Ed did his job, I don't think there's any doubt."

Unlike Lowell Mather, Rex Ryan is no dummy. However, his unabashed love for Ed Reed has him hallucinating seeing a player none of us are seeing. When Ryan gazes at Reed, he sees the ball-hawking game-changer wearing number 20 in a Ravens uniform.

On the other hand, when the rest of us are watching Reed, we see reality. We see this rickety number 22 in a Jets uniform, and we wonder how in the hell Ryan doesn't see what we see.

Put simply, Ed Reed is Rex Ryan's Big Strong Man, a sad shell of what was once a proud superhero who is now mooching a payday off of the only person left who believes in him.

The only thing left for Reed to do is crash on Ryan's couch and empty his liquor cabinet.

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crystal bernard was hot


and smell his wife's feet!

Puller58 topcommenter

Rex Ryan is no dummy?  Well, let's put it in context.  Buddy Ryan is credited with getting the Bears their Super Bowl title with his ferocious defense.  What should be noted is his post Bears career as head coach and defensive coordinator where he literally fought with other coaches, and fueded with the owners of the teams that employed him.  Rex and Rob Ryan seem to share their father's mastery of defense, and mastery of offensive personality.  Rex isn't alone as coaches who have moved through the NFL often bring in former players with washed up skills either as a favor or being overconfident in being able to "get the best out of them."  In Reed's case, each game appears to be one more chance at greatness.  Interesting that in contrast, Geno Smith is getting benched...


Ed Reed sucks the biggest suck that ever sucked a suck.  He is a washed up fraud and a loudmouth to boot. The best addition the Texans made this year was when they cut him.

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