Countdown to 2013 King of Content: 5. Royce White

So the Rockets took White with the 16th pick, and what did they get out of him?

Well, if you're counting basketball, not very much. One round of summer league games, a few February D-League games in Rio Grande, before White shut it down for good in March to focus on working out on his own (which, judging by White's condition in his brief D-League stint, actually involves very little working out, but plenty of carbo loading).

Now, if you're counting drama, well, White was LeBron Freaking James!

Employee ingrate drama? You got it. White made continual implications that the Rockets weren't holding up their end of the promised deal when it came to special transportation for White. I'm not sure whose fault this was, but one side or the other apparently was altering the deal more than Darth Vader's deal with Lando in Empire Strikes Back.

Baby momma drama? Oh yes, times several! As of springtime, there were several little Royce White offspring bouncing around society, to the point where it was a little surprising when we'd go a few months without news of a new baby momma (or at least accusations of such).

Domestic violence drama? There was one story, which White quickly refuted, so I'll merely point out that...well, that there was one story, which White quickly refuted.

Eventually, as he seems to be able to do every time, Morey was able to undo one of his rare misses (flipping Trevor Ariza's multi-year deal was the previous gold standard), sending White to the Philadelphia 76ers (in a deal struck with former Morey underling Sixers GM Sam Hinkie) with a certified check and the paperwork on Furkan Aldemir stapled to White's face.

By October, Royce White was cut loose from the Sixers, and presumably now has all day to tweet at Kevin Durant when Durant's jump shot looks "shaaaaky."

Big ups to Royce White, whose eight posts are good enough to grab the number five spot on the countdown to King of Content 2013. Here are those posts:

January 24, 2013: Royce White Close To Returning To The Houston Rockets
April 12, 2013: Uh-Oh, Royce White May Have Knocked Up Another Groupie #BeWell
May 2, 2013: Royce White Trash Tweets Kevin Durant
July 1, 2013: Royce White (@Highway_30) Is Saying Weird Things On Twitter Again
September 4, 2013: Former Rocket Royce White Under Investigation for Domestic Violence
September 6, 2013: Royce White Responds to Domestic Abuse Allegations
September 18, 2013: Former Rocket Royce White Is Literally the Worst (According to
October 25, 2013: #BeWell: Former Rocket Royce White Cut By The Philadelphia 76ers


King of Content 2013: Honorable mentions
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9. Jacoby Jones
8. Twitter
7. Aaron Hernandez
6. Tim Tebow

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Puller58 topcommenter

He makes Ahman Green look like a workhorse.


I swear I saw a guy that looked just like Royce greeting people at the Walmart.

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