Colts 25, Texans 3: The Long, Painful Road Home

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What did we learn from the game?
No matter who coaches this team this year, it won't matter. The culture of this franchise must change and simply replacing Kubiak with Wade Phillips is not going to do it. Frankly, Rick Smith is lucky -- and maybe we as fans aren't -- to be keeping his job. The entire franchise needs a fresh start and cleaning house might be the best way to make it happen.

What do we never want to see/hear again?
Hearing Solomon Wilcox talk about how Case Keenum might not be the guy for the Texans moving forward would be interesting if it weren't so obvious. Maybe the country -- whatever tens of people were watching outside Houston and Indy -- hasn't figured out the Matt Schaub is no longer the QB in Houston, but it sure sucks having to be reminded that he's out and his back up sucks too.

Key Moment of the Game
When the Texans won the coin flip in the first half, they chose to defer to the Colts. On the radio broadcast, play-by-play announcer Marc Vandermeer and color commentator Andre Ware both mentioned how Kubiak always wanted the ball and this was just another way Phillips was trying to shake things up. Then the game started and, well, it looked like the same Texans. Perhaps if they had chosen to receive, they still would have been trounced, but they'd have had the chance to get the process started slightly later in the afternoon.

Game Balls: Ryan Griffin
Look, no one was good, but it was refreshing to see a new face making plays. If the Texans have a knack for anything, it's plucking tight end talent out of the draft. With Owen Daniels still on IR and Garrett Graham out with an injury, Griffin got the start and produced, leading the team in catches.

Goats of the Week: Case Keenum
Many people thought Keenum could be the starter for this team, but he has yet to get a win and his numbers, with only a couple exceptions, have been bad. On Sunday, he was 18-34 with two interceptions and no TDs. He was consistently confused in the pocket and doesn't seem to have the presence to move when pressured, giving up a safety at one point in the game. He will likely be a solid back up, but he's no starter.

Goats of the Week: Ben Tate
Tate, who has not exactly ingratiated himself with fans this year, and is in a contract season, has continued to have serious ups and downs. Despite being the feature back since Arian Foster went down, he has been mediocre. His 72 yards and two fumbles on Sunday were more evidence of the same.

Random thought of the week:
Only two more games...yipee!

Next Up: vs Denver
Anyone hoping the Broncos might be resting guys the last two games of the season should think again. Denver is playing for a division title and will need to win in Houston. If the line is less than 20 points, you should absolutely take the Colts. I could envision one of the worst losses in franchise history at Reliant next week.

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"Denver is playing for a division title and will need to win in Houston. If the line is less than 20 points, you should absolutely take the Colts."  Hmmm .. the Colts are 7 point underdogs  Kansas City.  The Broncos are 11 point (!) favorites  Houston.  Not sure I see the logic, but I'll take the Colts.

Puller58 topcommenter

Tate has earned the right to play elsewhere.  (For that matter, with his injury history and same sort of mouthy opinion of the fans, Owen Daniels can join him.  For that matter, Antonio Smith is no keeper either.)  Keenum has buried his chances of being the starter.  Trade Andre Johnson so he can try for a ring elsewhere.  But Rick Smith ought to be on the firing line as well since he seems to be the sort of GM that the Oiler's Ladd Herzog was.  As for McNair's preference not to lose, he pretty much has to say that.  As for Wade, bringing in refs to "teach" about penalties is the sort of stunt Bum might have pulled.  Bye Wade.

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