BATTLE-DRINK: The Interim Wade Phillips Era Begins!

G1: Houston '93 mentioned
The Houston '93 documentary ran on the NFL Network, and it was very well received (although admittedly, everyone who I heard review it was either from Houston or a media member who spotted themselves with a mullet or beard at an old press conference in the piece). I personally enjoyed it, and didn't realize that team was such a dysfunctional mess off the field. (Also, regarding the mustaches in that doc, I've gone from thinking they deserve their own blog post to thinking they deserve their own book, and I'm now interviewing publishers.)

G2: Rick Smith with McNairs shot
G3: "McNair fires Kubiak" presser shot
You want a fun "player personnel" tidbit for the Texans? Go to their Draft page. You there? Ok. Now look at the years 2008 and 2011. I think the two best, most productive players that have been drafted on Rick Smith's watch are J.J. Watt (without a doubt) and Duane Brown (Brian Cushing would be in the argument without injuries and his mysterious disappearance in 2010.). Two great players, right? Well look at their Career Approximate Value. That's a metric that totals the weighted Approximate Value of a player for each year of their career. J.J. Watt's two year total is 30, and Duane Brown's is 44. What does each guy have in common? Each one has a higher Career AV than the entire remainder of their Texans draft class combined:

2008: 1. Brown (44), 3. Antuan Molden (4), 3. Steve Slaton (20), 4. Xavier Adibi (4), 5. Fran Okam (5), 6. Dominique Barber (5), 7. Alex Brink (0)

2011: 1. Watt (30), 2. Reed (13), 2. Harris (1), 4. Roc Carmichael (0), 5. Shiloh Keo (2), 5. T.J. Yates (3), 7. Derek Newton (7), 7. Cheta Ozougwu (0)

Rick Smith, ladies and gentlemen!

G4: Solomon Wilcots butchers rule interpretation
I hope you all enjoyed Jim Nantz and Phil Simms calling the Texans game against the Chiefs back in late October, because it's going to be a while before we see the number one announce team from CBS any time soon. Instead, say hello to Kevin Harlan (who I actually like very much) and Solomon Wilcots (who interprets the NFL rule book the same way that the sign language dude at the Nelson Mandela memorial interprets English).

G5: Fan wearing Peyton Manning jersey
I don't have the exact data in front of me, but I believe roughly 98 percent of Colts fans own a jersey, and of those I think 94 percent are still Peyton Manning jerseys.

O1: John McClain tweets "pathetic"
O2: John McClain tweets "horrendous"
O3: John McClain tweets "terrible"
O4: John McClain tweets about Baylor
O5: John McClain tweets coaching speculation
With away games at Indy and Tennessee and a home game against Denver remaining, I'm hoping John McClain is spending his night soaking up his thesaurus. He's running out of words to describe the Texans (not a good thing).

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Puller58 topcommenter

I was surprised at how many times Wade Phillips has been an interim coach, but not surprised it didn't lead to him being promoted to head coach.  So does he really have a shot at becoming head coach with the Texans?  I thought Bum's passing and old time Houstonians might tempt McNair into letting him have it, but I think the stink of this season will lead to a wholesale shuffling of the coaching staff.  Better days Wade, better days...

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