Jags 13, Texans 6: The Chase for No. 1 Begins

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Sorry, Case fans, Keenum isn't the guy.
As the clock ran out on the ninth loss in a row, perhaps the most embarrassing loss in franchise history and the clear metaphorical (if not actual) end to a miserable season for the Texans, one thing became crystal clear: it's time for the Texans to pack it in. What started as a hopeful run to the playoffs and perhaps a Super Bowl ended with a thud Sunday when the Jacksonville Jaguars, a team that had only won a single game all season, waltzed into Reliant and stunned the Texans, winning 13-6 and essentially ending the home team's season.

Case Keenum, the young QB hopeful, and his offense were absolutely miserable for the entire game, managing only a pair of field goals against an awful Jags defense. Keenum looked lost for most of the game as Jacksonville sent exotic blitz packages at him and disguised coverages.

The defense wasn't awful, holding the Jags to a pair of field goals and a single TD, but no one was good in this stinker. Now, the clock officially begins ticking on this coaching staff's future with the team. More important, the chase for the number one pick in the draft is on and the Texans are in the mix. The bad news is the Texans are awful and, despite hopes to the contrary, Keenum is not their starter of the future. The good news is they will probably have a very high draft pick in a draft that is loaded with top-tier talent at QB.

What went right: The Game Ended
There was a terrifying moment for fans in the fourth quarter when, with two minutes left, the Texans started driving towards the end zone. Completions and mediocre (as opposed to awful) clock management saw them moving the ball for the first time in the game. There was even a chance they could tie the game and force overtime. Had it continued, they could have finished in a tie like Green Bay and Minnesota did on Sunday. Gross. Fortunately, that all came to an end when Keshawn Martin bobbled a pass and it was intercepted. Fans let out a collective sigh of relief as they were mercifully spared additional discomfort.

What went wrong: The Texans Played
During a radio call-in show on Friday, a caller said, "You know how I know the Jaguars will beat the Texans on Sunday? Because the Jaguars play the Texans on Sunday." Truer words have rarely ever been spoken. The greatest mistake the Texans made all day was showing up at Reliant to play the game.

What must improve: Bob McNair
If McNair does not clean house on Monday, he MUST do so at the end of the season. I'm sure plenty will want to see this coaching staff, at the very least, canned today, but my personal opinion, as someone said on Twitter Sunday, is to let these coaches finish the string. If anyone deserves to go down with this sinking disaster, it's them.

What should stay the same: Losing
In the movie Tommy Boy, Dan Ackroyd's character, when told by Chris Farley that the smell he whiffed was taxi cab air freshener, said, "Good, you've pinpointed it. Step two is washing it out." In the case of the Texans, just the opposite is true. The smell of decomposition is on this rotting corpse of a season, but I say let it lie. The worse it gets, the longer it will remain in the nostrils of everyone involved with the organization and the less they will want to repeat it. And nothing washes off the stink of a rotten season like a brand-new quarterback at the top of the draft.

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FattyFatBastard topcommenter

"Good have been?"  "My first though?"  It has become apparent that there is no longer anyone here who edits these articles, but I'd at the very least expect the author to proof-read their work prior to publishing.  There are less typos in your messages on CF.


If Keenum is going to hold onto the football and run around, he should try to run forward with it, and not 15 to 30 yards in the wrong direction. Texans fans thought that Keenum was going to win games, but has he won a game yet? Nope. The Team made 6 points (because of field goals).  This isn't soccer.  And, Don't wait til the last 2 minutes of the game to move the football down the field.

Jimi Austin
Jimi Austin

I think they lost on purpose to get that draft pick. At least I hope so.

Tony Gutierrez
Tony Gutierrez

Giving up on Case Keenum after 2 bad outings? This is his learning time...he will have ups and downs. Was it his fault that Andre Hopkins dropped a perfect pass towards the end of the game...was it his fault Martin bobbled the ball into Jacksonville's hands on the very next play? He was getting an average of about 2 seconds before he was getting sacked or scrambling for his life. Was it his fault the defense couldn't stop Jacksonville from running the ball on us? We need a totally different offensive scheme..he is not a slow developing play pocket passer. He needs plays like quick slants and hooks. No wonder Houston is such a loser city.

Puller58 topcommenter

Balke nails it.  Let the staff finish the season.  Keenum isn't the answer, and yes, he makes a good back up.  (It would be tempting to suggest playing Yates to eval him, but with what he's done in the past, no.)  If they don't win another game, hopefully the next regime will find a golden goose in the draft.


@FattyFatBastard Since you went there, let me further your journey: "the author" is singular, so you should have said "his work." You should have used "fewer" instead of "less" in the last sentence. You also should have used commas to set off the phrase "at the very least." See how easy it is to pick apart errors that don't hinder essential comprehension?

Really, dude, give Balke a pass here. He's the writer of a good article about football on a free Web blog, not an author of great literature for which you paid. 

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

@wcvemail This is hardly the first time, and these are egregious mistakes.  Something a 2nd grader would catch.

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