Yee-Haw! Arlington, Fort Worth Make "Most Redneck Cities" List

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A better exploration of "rednecks" can be found here.
Arlington and Fort Worth are two of the ten most "redneck" cities in the country, according to a highly scientific study by a California-based real estate blog called Movoto.

Contributing blogger Natalie Grigson, an Austin native who boasts of her hometown's "open-mindedness," selected the cities based on such criteria as "percent of population that didn't complete high school," "number of Walmarts per capita," and "number of riding lawnmower/tractor repair shops per capita."

One of the amazing things about this list, besides the weird amount of attention it's been getting, is that it includes some decidedly un-redneck cities (at least as far as Hair Balls is concerned): Atlanta is number one. Sacramento is number eight. Cleveland slides into ninth place.

But the truly amazing thing is the squandered opportunity: Grigson's writing just isn't funny. When she's not being hackneyed, she's being elitist. Lord knows there are probably one or two remaining redneck jokes out there, but they don't appear on this list. What does appear is a quick run-down of Grigson's redneck-radar cred, a la lines like "Being from Austin [Texas], I've had my fair share of encounters with rednecks over the years...." (We can't help but wonder if, being from Austin [Texas], she's also had the stray encounter with lily-white pretentious douches. But maybe that's a matter for another top ten).

Our favorite smugly un-funny observation, though, has to be, "But Austin is not alone in this. Regular people all over the country are surrounded every day by gun-toting, cowboy boot-wearing country bumpkins."

Give it up for that Austin open-mindedness, y'all!

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String her up by her Kotex!


Bigotry and racial slurs are OK as long as the people being demeaned are white.


@DoubleStandards Well, as long as you give your blessing.

What do you call a redneck bursting into flames?

A fire cracker.


@H_e_x  Don't give up your day job (if you actually have one). Comedy is definitely not your forté.


@DoubleStandards @H_e_x Aw nuts, I don't even get a somewhat interesting reply. 

If you aren't going to put any effort into this relationship then how do I know that you truly love me? And no, pillow talk doesn't count.

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