Nullifying Federal Gun Statutes: After League City's Precedent, Towns Across Texas -- and Beyond -- Race to Do The Same

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[All federal arms regulations] that are hereinafter enacted or adopted and that are a violation or infringement of the 2nd Amendment ... are to be considered invalid in Cedar City, shall not be recognized by Cedar City, are specifically rejected by Cedar City, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in Cedar City.

Much like the momentum for further regulation has faded, it's possible that the enthusiasm behind nullification is also slowing commensurately. But no matter. League City's move has sparked imitations from Texas to Utah, and, if trends are any indication, potentially beyond.

And that's fine with Thiess. League City, after all, didn't want to be the lone bastion of firearm freedom in the nation. They didn't want to remain alone. "It might be take one person -- or one city -- to start something," Thiess said. "We put all info out there, wrote a little how-to for people who wanted to get it done in their own city. It's not about me, or League City -- it's about this principle. We've been very consistent about that."

Thiess noted that she'd posted a mock resolution for future governments to look over, and plagiarize if necessary. She won't mind if the language is lifted directly. "We're in a position now where the federal government is kind of a Frankenstein," Thiess said. "It's bigger and scarier and far more abusive than the creators ever intended it to be ....

"The federal government is out of people's control," she continued. "We have always believed if that if the federal government is afraid of people, there will be peace and freedom -- but if people fear the government, there will be tyranny."

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Go League City!!  you had me at killing the red light cameras last I'm yours forever!  Thank you for listening to your constituents. 


Jesus Friggin Christ...Republicans are morons. Lousy at EVERYTHING...except proving that very fact.

Thenonymous 1 Like

I just think is great that we live in a country that allows people who lack even a drunken, retarded, child's understanding of either government or the law to both govern and make laws.

That's Freedom® at work.


@Thenonymous Speaking of drunken retarded children, has anyone seen Sarah Palin?  She's in Houston for the NRA convention.


Zombie-Sherman must be licking his decrepit chops right now at the chance for a second round.

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