Dear City of Houston: Your Downtown Hopper Parking Pass Is Stupid

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Dear City of Houston,

How's it going? You know I love you. I mean, I'm a freaking advocate! But there are plenty of things I'd like to see changed. I want more light rail. I want the constant road construction to stop. I want a flying car. You know, the simple things in life. Still, the city is great and getting better, so thanks for that.

Here's my problem: the downtown hopper. Allow me to explain to readers who are unfamiliar.

If you park downtown, the meters allow you to either purchase time by increments or get what is called a "downtown hopper." For $7, you get to park your car anywhere in downtown until the meters stop working at 6 p.m. after which parking is free. It's a pretty good deal if you need to park downtown because lots can be expensive.

But it's called a "hopper" for a reason. You have to move your car every three hours of you get a I did during All-Star weekend.

Now, city, back to you. Here's my issue with your so-called "hopper." No where on any of the signs or on the machine does it say parking is limited to two hours. I have read stories dating back to the 2009 with people suffering the same fate as me for the same reason. My poor 311 operator was overly apologetic when I called to ask the question because, apparently, it's a very common one.

How tough would it be to put up signs that say "Cars must be moved every two hours" or put text on the machine's screen saying something similar?

Yes, it does say "3hr time limit until 6pm" in TINY letters on the parking receipt, but that's it. Hell, even the plastic bags toys are wrapped in come with bigger warnings and they are just plastic bags! For my violation, I got a $30 ticket meaning I paid $37 to park by Phoenicia on a Friday afternoon. I should have just paid a lot across from Toyota Center $40 to shorten my walk.

I'm not saying you need to change the policy, but it sure does look shady that the only mention is in the fine print, particularly given the fact that others have a similar complaint. And it's made worse by the fact that the law only requires I move one space over to avoid a penalty. How ridiculous is that and how exactly does that make parking in downtown more convenient or free up space for other cars? It doesn't.

Listen, City of Houston, you do a lot right and a lot of things around here are getting better. We're even getting good publicity from New York. Who would have believed that the same place that called us a "HELLHOLE" in the early '90s would suddenly consider us cool? Sure, not Brooklyn/bicycle/farmer's market/ skinny jeans/ micro brew cool, but it's something.

So don't ruin it with stupid fine print on your parking meter receipts! We're still trying to live down the whole suburban sprawl/what to do with the Astrodome/strip mall/humidity stuff.

I'm not doing this for me. I'll pay my fine. I'm doing this for all the poor unsuspecting saps who think they can park for hours on end with impunity.

Thanks for your time, City of Houston. *hugs*

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We're working on it, Jeff.  We are implementing a plan we developed with downtown stakeholders that will help decipher how to park downtown in two ways: 1) Make the maximum parking times uniform (which should help folks know how long they have regardless of where they are), and 2) Reduce the number of unique parking signs.  There are currently more than 120 signs with unique instructions downtown; we are going to reduce that to around 25.  

We are also working to develop some "skins" for the meters that will provide more prominent information on both the hopper rules, meter operation, etc.  We know that we need to make the information clear and uncluttered.

Finally, we are developing some educational videos that we hope will give folks more knowledge about the curbside parking downtown, meter operation, mobility lanes, etc.


And then come 6 pm, when it becomes illegal to park on many streets. See all those cars parked around the Sundance Theatre? All of them will be getting tickets after 6 pm.


I recently got a $280 ticket for parking within 12 feet of a stop sign, on a hugely wide street in the Avondale Historic District. Absurd.

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I had the same thing happen after dumping about $10 in the meter while taking my mother to St. Joseph's emergency room.  I received a ticket and figured it was just in error so I went to the court house to sort it.  I was a little embarrassed when she first pointed out the writing which was in some of the smallest font I've ever seen then I got pissed and informed them that they can take their ticket and shove it...I'll just park in a lot from now on to avoid a boot but I will NOT pay that ticket!!!!


Can you clarify please?  You say "three hour" twice and "two hour" twice.  I may be sleepy and not reading this right but I'm a little confused.


The meters at Fannin and Clay state that the spaces are only for 2 hour increments. I found this out during All-Star event Friday night. I didn't want to take my chances of getting a ticket or towed so I parked in a $10 lot instead. I got there at 5:00, but did not know if the 2 hour limit would carry on past 6:00.

I don't go downtown very often, so it wasn't worth the risk in my book, but the meters did clearly say 2 hour limit on them.


@Discgolfer22 If it's only the meters that said "2 hour limit" you were probably fine. Though the city could stand to make it clearer, I will admit.

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