Unidentified 20-year-old Robbery Suspect Shot by Store Owner: Bayou Body Count No. 200

Store owner says man was coming at him

An armed robbery suspect was shot to death at a Cricket Wireless Store by the store's owner just after 6 p.m. Wednesday, Houston police report.

The identity of the 20-year-old suspect is pending notification of family members. The shooting occurred at 1419 South Loop West (South Interstate Highway 610).

The 30-year-old store owner who shot the suspect wa not injured in the incident. The matter will be referred to a Harris County grand jury.

HPD Homicide Division Officers L. Carballo and C. Hassig reported:

The aarmed suspect entered the Cricket Wireless store and demanded money and phones. The store owner heard the incident from his back office, retrieved his own gun and took cover in a doorway. As the suspect turned with the weapon in his hand toward the store owner, the store owner feared for his life and shot at the suspect. The suspect ran from the store and got into a waiting vehicle. He was then driven to the Kelsey Seybold Clinic in Pearland where he was pronounced dead with gunshot wounds.
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What every person and every judge needs to realize. When you threaten someone elses life in any way, you threaten your own life also. I don't care if you are armed with a knife, gun, bat, or nothing. When you make that first stupid move it becomes may best man win. Me or you well its you your going to die. You should of not walked in and threatened you should of just shot and walked out.

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