Elric Shawn Millner: Allegedly Rapes Teen Girlfriend, Tapes Attack, and then Smiles for Mugshot

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Webster PD
Elric Shawn Millner looks like he thinks this is as funny as the time his girlfriend urinated on herself after he (allegedly) raped her.
When she woke, hungover and sore, around 2 or 3 p.m. on August 4, 2010, the 17-year-old's boyfriend Elric Shawn Millner said he had something to show her. According to court documents, these were videos he had taken the night before, footage he shot while she was blackout drunk thanks to booze the then-22-year-old Millner had plied her with.

According to the documents, the footage shows Millner forcing the girl to perform various sex acts, including, at one point, anal sex. Drunk as she was, the girl had coherence enough to tell Millner that was something she did not want to do. According to the complaint, Millner proceeded anyway. When the girl asked him to stop and told him that it hurt, he refused to stop and told her that "she liked it."

In another portion of the videos, the girl vomited violently and urinated on herself while Millner laughed.

The girl told no one about these videos until 2011, when she shared her memories of that awful day with her new boyfriend, a former Marine military policeman. After getting over what we imagine must have been a murderous fury, the ex-MP decided on a cunning, and utterly legal, revenge plot, one that only culminated last week.

First, he convinced his girlfriend that, by law, she had been raped, and not just disgustingly taken advantage of, in that video, and that they should take the case to police.

Next, the new boyfriend pretended to befriend Millner. This he accomplished by going to Miller's apartment, allegedly to commiserate about what a bitch Millner's ex was. At some point, the videos came up, and Millner and the new boyfriend decided they would watch them together.

After all, what better way to bond about a woman they shared and now both disliked than to watch Millner allegedly violate the girl? That was what Millner thought, apparently, because the two of them sat down for a shared viewing.

Once the MP saw them, he saw that she had not been exaggerating. There really was what he believed was a sexual assault on that tape.

Once again, he choked back his rage, this time long enough to get out, return to his girlfriend's side, and persuade her to contact police.

Which she did. Millner, who appears to believe himself a swashbuckling pirate (judging from his goofy Facebook page), is currently in Harris County Jail facing sexual assault charges. Bond has not been set.

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what was the final verdict.


I work with this guy.. ummm

David Howard
David Howard

yeah, was it really rape or just buyer's remorse?   Also, just wondering why her parents allowed her to go out with a 22 yr old guy.  And why she was dumb enough to get drunk & high with him.  Oh, and don't say 'that is no excuse for raping her.'  If you don't want to get raped, do not put yourself into situations where you are likely to get raped to begin with!  Nothing good (for the young girl anyways) can come from getting drunk & high with adult men!

Thiathiasopapilla like.author.displayName 1 Like

He's a piece of shit person. Sad to say I know the guy. I spent much time at his place and the more I spent with him the more I realized he's a piece of garbage. I pray justice gets him.


This is crazy. I was good friends with the girl here awhile back, and I hung out with this dude once while they were going out. Wow.

Rita K. Healey
Rita K. Healey

In another portion of the videos, the girl vomited violently and urinated on herself while Millner laughed...MayorMoney.blogspot.com


You prayed this shithead would also get raped while in the state's custody? Who'd you pray to? Please tell me you didn't ask Jesus to do you a solid and cause a rape.

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