Erika Perdue: Feds Bust Dallas "Socialite" for Huge Hoard of Child Porn

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Erika Perdue strikes an '80s hair metal vixen pose on her disturbing Facebook page.
In a story so stunning and disturbing it's taken the Hair Balls Crime Bureau four days to summon the gumption to write up, a wealthy 41-year-old Dallas woman has been arrested and charged with possession of child pornography. According to investigators, at least some of it consisted of extremely graphic images of toddlers being raped by adults.

On Friday, WFAA reported that federal agents raided the $1.4 million home of 41-year-old mother Erika Perdue, the wife of a prominent Dallas intellectual property attorney.

They'd been tracking her computer usage for months, and according to court documents, they had evidence that under the handle "Classybitch," Perdue trafficked "visual depiction[s] of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct." During a raid last week, the feds carted off several computers that are reportedly filled with the stuff.

Perdue is said to have told investigators that she had so much kiddy porn she couldn't keep up with it all. In another report, she allegedly told an FBI agent that she had been trading these foul files while her husband was at work since 1999, some weeks every single day.

And the disturbing details don't end there...

The '80s hair metal fan and Garland native poses seductively on her Facebook page, right next to pictures of a young girl who might be her daughter, one Perdue calls her "lil sweetie boo boo love muffin." Her University Park home (U.P. is analogous to West University here, right down to the fact that Perdue lives on Villanova Street) is directly across the street from a popular playground. The vanity plates on her candy apple-green Chevy Camaro spell out "MY SYN."

None of the children pictured appeared to have been plucked from the park, and her child is also reportedly not involved. But many, many other kids were, reportedly from all over the country.

Perdue is charged with four counts of shipping, receiving and possessing child pornography, each punishable by ten years of federal prison time.

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