Five Oddly Timed or Just Plain Odd Texas License Plate Offerings from

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The folks over at, who bring us just about every custom license plate our Texas hearts could desire, just released a batch of new offerings we didn't even know we needed. The mostly-sports-themed releases provide citizens of our great state the opportunity to show pride in their school, whether that be the University of Kentucky or Bishop Lynch High School in Dallas -- the fightin' Friars!

While perusing the list of new plates, we noticed several oddly timed choices given recent events and others that were just plain odd.

5. Locked Out

Nothing says, "I'm a huge fan" like a license plate for your favorite team that isn't playing right now thanks to a lockout. Who wants to drive around with a RAWKETS Houston Rockets-themed plate when the team may not even have a season? And, in case you wondered, the Dallas Mavericks plates will be out in a couple weeks. Yippee!

4. The Big 8?

With Texas A&M leaving for the SEC, the timing of releasing other Big 12 school plates feels a little awkward, like being the best man in a wedding where all the bridesmaids are your ex-girlfriends who hate you.

3. Boise Blue

Speaking of conference realignment, Conference USA and the Mountain West are talking about merging to form a mega conference to challenge the Klingons for interstellar domination or just get into the BCS. It would also give Boise State a reason to love the Lone Star State other than this lovely license plate colored in Bronco blue to match the color of their crazy stadium turf.

2. Stuff of Legend

Call us crazy, but we find it a little weird to have a license plate dedicated to a chain restaurant that wasn't even founded in Texas. The Texas Roadhouse chain, based in Louisville, Kentucky, opened its first restaurant in 1993 in a Clarksville, Indiana, mall. Yeah, that totally says "Texas forever." Git a rope.

1. Gobble Gobble

The National Wild Turkey Federation, which would be so much cooler if it were an army of drunk, bourbon-drinking warriors, supposedly has "helped thousands of children, women and people with disabilities" to "better enjoy the outdoors as well as understand the importance of wildlife management and appreciate hunting as an honorable pursuit," according to its Wikipedia page. Now they can add branded Texas license plate to their list of accomplishments. Happy hunting!

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I see the Scretch plate up there, lol. (SKRTCH)


Who are these "Ilinni" of whom the state of Texas speaks?  Do they possibly mean the "Illini"? Or are they phonetically spelling "Illinois" (poorly, I might add)?  My head hurts.

Brittanie Shey
Brittanie Shey

One state just banned ILUVTOFU. What? Tofu is delicious.


Because it can also be read "I love to eff you."

Writer for a free fishwrap
Writer for a free fishwrap

The prices on these are outrageous. I guess I'll have to stick with the fruity, colorful one on the truck now. (who picked that design? They should have their eyes checked.)


I saw "FML" on an Audio A8, last week.  How can you roll around with 'eff my life on your Audio A8?  I'm still confused.

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