William Chambliss: Suspected of DWI with Grandkids Perched on Roof of SUV

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William Chambliss, grandfather of the year.
Drunk driving is a terrible idea. Drunk driving with kids in the car is even worse. Leave it to an East Texan from the Lufkin-area village of Huntington to invent an even worse variation on this potentially deadly theme.

On Monday, concerned citizens phoned in a tip to police about a Toyota SUV driving through Huntington with two young girls sitting on the roof. Huntington cop James Hight pulled over 64-year-old William Chambliss, whose two 13-year-old granddaughters admitted that they had been riding atop the SUV with their legs dangling in the sunroof.

Chambliss told the cop he had consumed two ounces of vodka that day and admitted he had an open container of alcohol in the car. Hight found not one but two bottles of Gatorade adulterated with what smelled to him like alcohol, an arrest affidavit states. The cop also reported that Chambliss seemed "confused" and "agitated" and was being "verbally aggressive," so much so that he threatened to "whoop" Hight.

Before being taken to Angelina County Jail, Chambliss had his blood tested at an area hospital. At some point before or after he threatened to whoop Hight, he told police he had driven with the girls atop his car at speeds never exceeding 35 miles per hour from a place called Hanks Creek on the shores of Lake Sam Rayburn a little more than ten miles to where he was stopped.

Bond for all three charges -- DWI with a child (a felony), retaliation (for threatening to kick the cop's ass) and endangering a child -- has been set at a collective $6,000.

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Now come on....They are just KIDS. Granted bad decision making on the grandfathers part. But I cant say I haven't enjoyed a car top ride with my parents or even my grandparents. Although, we were always in a parking lot or on a dirt road (vacation), and only doing like 20 mph max. But still whats wrong with having some good old harmless fun now a days. Had grandpa been sober and going a little slower, I think it should have been a seat-belt ticket a slap on the wrist and that's about it.


Uh, yeah. But he wasn't sober. And he wasn't going 20 mph. And he didn't stay in the parking lot. But other than that, what he did was fine.


On the one hand... he's an asshole, and an epic fail in the grandfather department.

On the other hand... Do the parents of his grandkids not realize this? Where ARE the parents?  And on that note, what normal rebellious 13 year old girl thinks that hanging out with drunk grandpa and riding on the top of his moving vehicle is even remotely fun or thrilling?

And on the third, mutant hand... what self-respecting drunk mixes vodka with Gator-aid? Sissy GIRLS mix vodka with Gator-aid (and get trashed on Schnapps and Fuzzy Navel wine coolers-blech); did the girls get all wussy-liquored up and force the poor old guy to drive while they rode on the vehicle?

Are they ugly girls? Is rebelling by dressing scantily and drinking and doing drugs and boning teenage boys just not as appealing as playing a lame version of 'Death Proof' with good old gramps?

Did they not have access to the internet?

I just don't get how this happened.  Maybe you just had to be there.  I really would like to know the whole story. 

Gramps:  "Hey, girlsh, climb on th' roof of my car... *hic* thish ish how we had fun backin muh day! Uphill! Barefoot! Both ways! In January with onions in our belts! *belch*

Girls: "Wee! Okay, that sounds radical!" (do kids still say that...? Sure!)   "Just as soon as we upload videos of school beat-downs to YouTube and sext our boyfriends, we're all over that action! Wooo! Rebellion!"


Alcohol mixed with Gatorade sounds like just the type of cocktail to ply a 13 year-old girl with once you get to the lake and slide her off the roof (is this where "roofies" comes in to play?)...


Those girls knew better than to sit on the roof like that.  Wonder if they can be cited for some kind of auto related recklessness. Looks like a whole family of fools..


He got off easy  only $ 6.000  I would have made it  $40,000  $10,000 for eachacount 2 kids driving drunk open can. Some kind of dumb ass gramps

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