Paul Nolen May: Now It's the Teacher Calling in Threats to the School

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Matagorda County SO
Paul Nolen May: He doesn't like Mondays?
The life of a substitute teacher is difficult, as anyone who remembers torturing subs in school can well imagine. But perhaps -- just perhaps -- students pulled one "Mike Hunt" or "Dick Hertz" roll-call prank too many with Paul Nolen May of Matagorda County.

May, a subsitute teacher in the Bay City ISD, was arrested yesterday on charges of making terroristic threats in a dozen phone calls to individuals and businesses.

Investigators also believe he may be the person behind a series of messages that caused increased security in Bay City schools recently.

That superintendent, Keith Brown, told KTRK that May was "liked by everyone."

"What I can tell you about him is that he was a substitute teacher and he was very successful in his profession," Bay City ISD Superintendent Keith Brown said.

Whther that profession was "substitute teacher" or "terror-threat maker" will apparently be up to a jury to decide.

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ive known him since he was small this is not his mo

Kathy Carrillo
Kathy Carrillo

It seems like you are joking about this. Which, after some time passes, I may joke too....but it is a bit too real to the parents of the children he taught. (me being one of those parents) You are right in your comments... I just believe they were bad timing.


already wearing the prison stripes...I shouldn't talk; I was a sub at one time and had some murderous thoughts, myself

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