Maria Escamilla, 51, Bayou Body Count No. 8

Photo courtesy HPD
Jose Guerrero, charged with murder
A woman was killed on the southeast side and an arrest has been made in the case, Houston police say.

Maria Escamilla, 51, was found dead from a gunshot wound inside a building in the 3000 block of Broadway about 10:45 p.m. January 8, HPD says.

Jose Guadalupe Guerrero, 41, was arrested yesterday and charged with murder in the case. He was arrested without incident, police say.


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veronica gonzalez
veronica gonzalez

i am glade he was caught she was a person that nice teacher nni've known for 13 years n she was a happy person nice teacher some one that wolud help any one she can always smiling very beautful person in side n out and as for him i never meet but she was afraid of him some times u ask why she stayed with him but she realy loved him but in her way but one thing i do no he was abusive to her but im new this day would get here he was also sale to any one who need a cosm lic n make eazy money he was a fraud also look him up him n his ex wife were my teacher was found thank u n we love u ms escamilla

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