Someone Has To Keep Up With the Pot Demand From HISD Teachers

Categories: Crime
Another HISD teacher's been nabbed for pot today; this time a special-ed teacher from the Harper Alternative School. This makes about 14 billion HISD teachers arrested in the last two weeks, officials estimate. (And by "officials," we mean us.)

So the U.S. Department of Justice's newest National Drug Threat Assessment, released today, shouldn't be a surprise when it reports that Asian gangs have greatly increased their production of indoor-grown pot in the Houston area.

"Asian DTOs [Drug Trafficking Organizations] expanded their indoor cannabis cultivation operations in 2007 to new areas including Cleveland, Denver, Houston, and Los Angeles," a summary of the report says." Expansion of indoor cannabis cultivation operations will most likely continue in 2009."

marijuana-plants-growlight.jpgMost of the indoor-growing by Asian gangs had been limited to the West Coast and, to some degree, New England, the summary says.

The report also notes that marijuana-cultivating operations in Mexico are moving ever closer to the US border.

Hey, you go where the demand is. And right now, it appears to be in HISD teachers' lounges.

-- Richard Connelly
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