10 Places Where Summer Weather is Worse Than Houston

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Photo by Jeff Balke
Yeah, kid, we know. We feel your pain.
No one will argue with you if you claim that Houston is one of the most miserable places to be in the summer. It is. It's hot. It's humid. The mosquitoes fly off with small children. And, of course, there is always the threat of a hurricane. But is it the worst place in the world when it comes to summer weather? Not even close. In fact, it's not even the worst place in the U.S.

Don't believe us? Check out this hideous summer weather spots.

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This GoPro Stuntman Video Will Put Your Stomach In Knots (VIDEO)

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Holy crap!
Ethan Swanson is one bad dude.

Until about fifteen minutes ago, I had no idea who Ethan Swanson was, but I learned from the video in this post that he is a professional stuntman, and fifteen minutes is about the amount of time it takes to watch this video.

Seven times.

Let me preface this by saying, I am petrified of heights. So petrified that not only am I a total wussy when it comes to roller coasters, I even hate first person point of view video footage of roller coasters. My legs turn to jelly, my stomach turns into a smoldering cauldron of nerves and the "diarrhea feeling."

And yet I can't take my eyes off of this Ethan Swanson video in which he defies death by jumping off of a roof while wearing a GoPro camera. My fascination with him outweighs my morbid fear of POV video filmed from way up high.

Here's the video, and a few of my thoughts afterward:

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Roy Andrew Langley: Officials Seeking Kin

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Officials seek family of Roy Andrew Langley.
Officials in Kentucky are seeking relatives of a Texas man who died there in 1994, but who was only recently identified as Roy Andrew Langley.

Langley was born 11/22/49, to parents Lee Andrew and Laura Faye Harvey Langley. Lee Langley's last known address was in Crockett, Texas. (His parents died in 2003 and 2001, respectively, and are buried in Evergreen Memorial Park, Crockett).

Warning: The only available photo of Langley's face, in death, is on the jump.

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Arian Foster's Media Non Responses Funny, but Needless

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Photo by Groovehouse
Foster doing his talking on the field.
"Yeah, man. I'm just out here trying to be the best teammate I can be. And I'm gonna work hard at doing that." -- Arian Foster

Anyone who follows the Texans knows Arian Foster is a different cat. He writes poetry, waxes philosophical on Twitter and bows in the end zone after touchdowns, single handedly helping the average football fan to understand what namaste is. But those same qualities that make him fascinating can lead to problems for a guy who lives a significant part of his life in the spotlight.

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Hurricane Season 2014: Atlantic System No Serious Threat

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Weather Underground
No real threat to us.
Invest 93L, as designated by the National Hurricane Center, is not terribly impressive. Despite predictions it would be nearing tropical storm strength by now, it has floundered, fighting with dry air in the area north of the storm and high wind shear. Would be Tropical Storm Bertha is simply not all that impressive at the moment.

In fact, the NHC has lowered its previous forecast for 93L to only a 40 percent chance of development. As the disturbance moves west northwest over the next two days, it should encounter more favorable conditions, which increases the likelihood of development. Even if that happens, there is a good chance it will interact with land in the northern Caribbean, slowing its progress.

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It's Going to Be Hot As Hell Come Summer 2100, Study Finds

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Photo by Josh Sommers
Houston in 2100?
Come 2100, summers in Houston will feel like Mission, Texas. That's according to a research by Climate Central, a journalism and research non-profit based out of New Jersey.

Climate Central's analysis looked at projected changes in average summer high temperatures at the end of the century for 1,001 U.S. cities, comparing theses temperatures -- the average hottest temperature during a summer day -- to current average summer highs in other cities.

On average, the analysis found most cities' average summer high to increase 7-10 degrees Fahrenheit, with some increasing as much as 12 degrees.

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What A Muslim Looks Like

Categories: Religion

Photo by Maha Ahmed
Several years ago, my mom told me about an incident in which one of my cousins and his friends were told, or more fittingly "yelled at," to "go back to their damn country." They were playing basketball in a local, empty outdoor court, when some white people drove by and started slinging slurs at them. Punches were thrown. Someone got hurt.

When she told me, I remember wondering to myself whether this was only a petty classroom feud that had seeped out of school walls and into the neighborhood, whether it was an isolated incident.

My cousin and his friends weren't even old enough to drive at the time, but they did look like the post-9/11, media-curated image of terrorists I'd grown up seeing all around me --their skin was brown, and one of them wore a turban. They looked like me.

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Houston's Traffic Pain is a Slow Burn Thanks to a Lack of Vision

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Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for traffic.jpg
Photo by Texas Dark Horse
This is our fault.
One of the toughest things to deal with besides daily traffic in Houston is the prolonged traffic nightmare faced by Houstonians over years and years and years thanks to poor planning and a lack of foresight. While most cities struggle with similar issues, ours feels like its own special brand of hell because Houston has so much physical area. Getting from one extreme end of the city to another would be like driving between multiple towns in some parts of the country.

But more than size and planning, there has been an inherent lack of vision from our city's leaders and its citizens for a very long time.

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Kevin Durant Praises LeBron James, Countdown to 2016 KD Sweepstakes Begins

Only two years away...
"I'm going to do what's best for me. It's hard to talk about that right now when I've got two years left in Oklahoma City. I'm just going to focus on that. I'm not going to make a decision based on what anybody else does." -- Kevin Durant, 7/29/14

LeBron James and Cleveland have given 29 other NBA cities hope, hope that when perhaps a hometown star becomes available in free agency, he will allow the tugging at his heartstrings to lead him home.

Barring a James opt-out from his current deal in Cleveland in 2015 (and the subsequent apocalyptic earthquake that goes with it), the next massively anticipated journey into NBA free agency will be Oklahoma City uber-star Kevin Durant's in 2016.

And if his most recent quotes from U.S. national team workouts are any indicator, Durant was watching James' return to Cleveland closely a couple weeks ago.

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Patrick Peterson Signs $70M Extension, J.J. Watt Watch Begins

Photo by Groovehouse
This guy is due a payday.
On the surface, it's odd that a contract extension inked by a cornerback on the Arizona Cardinals should worry Houston Texan fans about their all-universe defensive end.

But this isn't just any cornerback, and he wasn't just drafted in any year.

The cornerback is 2011 first round pick Patrick Peterson, and on Tuesday night he inked a new five year extension with the Cards reportedly worth $70 million, including $48 million in guaranteed money.

Peterson broke his own news on Twitter:

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