Ten Underrated Things About Houston (For Now)

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Photo by Rpclod
Change is what Houston's all about these days. Last year's deserted Downtown is this year's Downtown Living Initiative. We never take what makes this place special for granted, so we took a look at a few things about Houston culture that make us happy to live here.

10. Westheimer Road
If you're new here, or maybe just terrible with directions Westheimer becomes the default artery for getting around town, especially during a freeway traffic crush. In some ways, it's a pathway through all the socio-economic levels of Houston from over-the-counter pharmaceuticals to lap dances.

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Rockets' "Meaningless" Finale Wasn't Meaningless For Gamblers

That time the dude from Big Bang Theory was lobbying for Dwight Howard.
I've said many times, we need a special corner of the sports media world for gamblers. A special channel, a special talk radio show, a special Tweetdeck. All of it.

People who don't wager generally don't care about the same nuances of a sporting event as people that do. That much was obvious on the final night of the NBA regular season, as the Rockets trotted a mish mash lineup of a few regular starters, a couple reserves, and a handful of guys who played more games in Rio Grande than Houston this season as they took on the New Orleans Pelicans in the finale.

Radio hosts and columnists called the game "meaningless." These people obviously didn't have a sawbuck or two on "ROCKETS OVER 54.5 WINS."

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What to Do This Weekend: Easter Edition

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Photo by Jeff Balke
The wrong weekend to go to the beach for people and Peeps.
It's weekend eve again everybody and time to put on your party shoes...for this weekend, they should be dress shoes with a hint of pastel because it's Easter. For those religious sorts, this means prayer and contemplation of the death and resurrection of Jesus -- pretty much like every Sunday. For the rest of the heathens, it's a time to eat deviled eggs and hope the mayonnaise hasn't turned.

For many of you, this will be a three-day weekend. Good Friday, as it were, can be great if you get to laze about on a work day. So, you'll probably want to know what the weather is like and what kind of Easter activities that might afford you. You're in luck, Peter Cottontail, because I've got some answers.

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#Lunchmovement: Texas Teen Wages War Against Michelle Obama's Diabolical Healthy School Lunch Program

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Screenshot from @T_Wilss
If you think this is bad, you should see fucking "breakfast" and fucking "dinner."
Ty Caskey, a student at Venus High School, about 30 miles south of Arlington, is one of many high schoolers around the country Tweeting their outrage over, um, "grotesque" school lunches.

As head of his school's Turning Point USA chapter, the 19-year-old Caskey is urging his peers to tweet pics of apparently gross food (and such small portions!) that is the result of First Lady Michelle Obama's Healthy, Hunger-free Kids Act.

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Five Reasons Why Sports Talk Radio Is Ignoring the Rockets

Photo by Marco Torres
Out of sight, out of mind on the radio waves.
I am and have always been an avid listener to sports talk radio. I enjoy the banter with callers, the analysis and I even manage to make it through the randomly juvenile antics that occasionally make their way across from morning shock jock-ery on other stations. Listening during the past few months, however, has been frustrating for fans of sports other than football.

In the case of the Astros, that might be warranted despite recently opening the season with a pair of impressive wins against the Yankees and finally calling up George Springer from the minors. But the Rockets are good...really good. They have secured home court in the first round of the playoffs and the team is populated with young, athletic guys who are fun to watch. They might be one of the most entertaining teams in the NBA.

Yet, outside of a scattering of segments with players and coaches, finding Rockets talk on the sports dial is damn difficult. Unfortunately, it isn't likely to get much better with the playoffs and there is a reasonable explanation, however unpalatable that might be for fans.

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Blond Lets John Daly Hit Golf Ball Off Her Face (VIDEO)

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Photo by Keith Allison
John Daly, king of fashion.
A trip to Augusta for the Masters is on seemingly every male sports fan's bucket list, and I am no different.

If I ever get the opportunity to swing on down to Augusta during that second week of April, you'd better believe I'll be there. However, I think my agenda would differ slightly from that of the average Masters tourney goer.

While most (ok, everyone except me) would make a beeline for the country club to watch the pros tee off, I'd be heading to the nearby Hooters to see if John Daly has posted up for his annual merch sale and booze fest. Because that, reportedly, is what Daly does during Masters week. Much like Pete Rose setting up his autograph table in downtown Cooperstown during Hall of Fame weekend, Daly sets up his RV and moves gear.

Apparently, he also spends some time at the driving range, as seen in the video below.

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These Woman Just Can't Stop (Allegedly) Giving Illegal Butt Jobs

Categories: Crime

Camille Urgiles
Argiform, a soft-tissue filler material also called polyacrylamide hydrogel, isn't the classiest thing to use to stay looking young and supple, but it does appear to be the favorite product of back-alley beauty clinics.

Maria Lorena Teran and her daughter Camille Urgiles have been charged multiple times for allegedly administering this drug, court records show. The product is well known for enhancing T&A on desperate men and women. Urgiles and Teran were picked up two weeks ago by police for practicing medicine without a license and for delivering a dangerous drug in Houston.

Court records show Teran's arrests going back to 2011, for administering amoxicillin without a license.

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Houston Spaceport, Still in Planning Stages, Has Its First Customer

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CoconutScienceLab on Youtube
This might be what it looks like when commercial space shuttles come to Houston.
If you thought trying to get app-based transportation approved here in Houston was tough, it'll be interesting to see how smoothly it goes developing a plan for commercial space flight.

Space travel is higher on the list, we think, especially since a project --- a planned public-private partnership, according to an airport official -- appears to be moving in the right direction. Last week the city signed a letter of intent with a Nevada-based spaceflight company, Sierra Nevada Corporation. The proposal, which will examine the potential of a partnership with the Houston spaceport, could lead to commercial flights using the company's Dream Chaser spacecraft.

The city's Houston Airport System has been working for several years on this idea of an airport dedicated partly to space travel. It would be based at Ellington Airport, the third and least commercially used airport in the system, which includes William P. Hobby Airport and George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

"We could be doing micro satellite deployment, zero gravity experiments, space tourism, vehicle assembly; the vision is to become a focal point of aerospace aviation," Arturo Machuca, manager for the spaceport project, said.

The plan, at least as airport officials and commercial space companies see it, is to put Houston back on the solar map for space innovation. But we're not there yet.

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Texans Tracker: Texans Have Allegedly Already Decided on Jadeveon Clowney

Clowney talk updates the tracker.
In previous years, we'd be in the home stretch for NFL Draft season now. Forever, the draft has been in or around the third weekend of April, but for reasons that don't really matter at this point, the league has moved it to May 8 through May 10.

And in the age of social media and a land rush to be the guy who guesses what the Texans do with the No. 1 overall pick, this means three more weeks of worthless conjecture, anonymous sources and "people tell me" journalism.

Currently, if there were a title for the king of this sort of reporting, Matt Miller of Bleacher Report would be running away with it.

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Van de Putte Isn't One of Those Serape-Wearing, Tortilla-Tossing Candidates

Photo by Texas Military Forces
Leticia Van de Putte, who comes from a military family, is getting strong cross-party support in her bid for office.
At the beginning of her campaign for Lieutenant Governor, most voters connected Leticia Van de Putte with the now-legendary Wendy Davis filibuster to stop SB5 and her frustration at being ignored by the presiding chair and bravely remarking, "At what point must a female senator raise her hand or her voice to be recognized over the male colleagues in the room?"

Her courageous remark elicited deafening applause and cheers from the gallery above, which David Dewhurst labeled an "unruly mob." She refused to be silent.

Her struggle to be heard began a long time before that early summer night in Austin. She's been a determined force in Texas politics for 23 years, in both the House, from 1990-1999, and then the Senate.

She's a sixth-generation Tejana of a military family (her maiden name is San Miguel) who grew up during the dark era of segregation in San Antonio. She's raised six children and had a 30-year career as a pharmacist, alongside her husband, Pete Van de Putte.

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