Houston Mosque Will Ball Hard for Palestine

Photo provided by Amir Hossain
Hossain translates his 16 year passion for basketball into humanitarian aid

In case you didn't know, Houston is home to one of the largest Muslim populations in the country and the city is home to a network of mosques and religious centers run by the Islamic Society of Greater Houston.

Houstonian Amir Hossain is part of this American-Muslim community. He wants to use his love for basketball to build unity and support a cause that helps people in the Middle East.

During the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, Hossain is kicking off a charity basketball tournament called Hoop4Palestine. "Basketball teaches Islam in its own creative way by promoting companionship," Hossain said. "[It allows] kids to learn how to work together in a peaceful manner to achieve something."

Muslims around the city are currently participating in the holy month of Ramadan, fasting from sunrise to sundown every day until the end of July.

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LeBron's Choice Opens Rockets to Snag Chris Bosh

Categories: Basketball, Sports

Photo from Wikimedia Commons
Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh guards Brooklyn Nets' Andray Blatche.

It was a rough break-up for LeBron James and Cleveland. That acrid stench of burning jerseys and the screams of angry fans were traumatic enough to keep the Miami Heat star up at night thinking about his home team, the Cavaliers.

Now, he's kicking South Beach to the curb for Cleveland, according to an announcement he wrote in Sports Illustrated.

And his move has Houstonians asking, "How 'bout it, Chris Bosh?"

Harden-Bosh pick-and-rolls are the types of things that get Jeff Van Gundy going into nasally praise on ESPN.

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Suspected Spring Shooter Collapses in Court [UPDATED]

Categories: Courts, Crime

Harris County Sheriff's Office
Updated: This story was updated to include a statement from a father of one of the victims.

It can be tough to face reality. The man accused of killing six members of his ex-wife's family collapsed in court Friday morning upon hearing the allegations against him, according to reports.

The Associated Press reported that Ronald Lee Haskill, who, according to the Harris County Sheriff's Office, killed six people at a north Harris County home Wednesday, fell to the ground twice during a probable cause hearing - losing blood in his face while his knees buckled. According to the AP, he was eventually wheeled out of the courtroom and is being treated in the Harris County Jail.

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Andre Johnson Reportedly Wants to Be Traded

Categories: Game Time

Thumbnail image for Andrejohnsonphoto.jpg
Photo by LBking
Basically, he's done here.
Well, now we at least know something.

After months of cryptic interviews, nebulous filibusters by his uncle, and vague implications that he would hopefully-be-coming-back-but-I-don't-think-I'm-coming-back, we at least know something as it pertains to Andre Johnson, his desires, and what's causing all of this.

Until Thursday morning, the latest news consisted of Andre Johnson doing a courtesy session with NFL Media out at an event at Nike in Oregon. Yay. We've seen this movie before. But then, Thursday morning, they came across Twitter like three swift Twitter bullets.

Tweets from NFL.com's Ian Rapoport:

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LeBron Watch 2014: NBA Cities Everywhere Held Hostage

Categories: Game Time

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for LeBronsearYotube.jpeg
The man everyone is waiting for.
This is what happens when you have a league imposed maximum salary on a player whose true worth is at least two to three times that amount --- in a league where that star player is worth about 25 to 30 incremental regular season wins--- and, when that player is a free agent, the league will stand still until that player makes his decision.

Or is it Decision, capital D?

The LeBron imposed gridlock on NBA free agency made it through its first day on Thursday, as we are ostensibly no closer to knowing where he will choose to play basketball in 2014-2015 and beyond. It's down to the incumbent Miami Heat and the team he jilted four years ago, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

But it's not just these two cities who are impacted by LeBron's decision. The ripple effect caused by James could be massive and, by my count, these are cities who wake up Friday morning awaiting a direct tremor from LeBron:


These two are obvious. The two finalists. As a Rocket fan, I am hoping LeBron chooses Cleveland (more on this in a moment). As a chaos fan, I am hoping he goes back to Miami, so that LeBron's street turns into one of the battle scenes from Braveheart. Cleveland has spent the last 48 hours doing literally everything possible to entice James into a return to the city whose heart he smashed into 23 pieces back in 2010. Cleared out cap space (bye Jarrett Jack), reached out to key vets (Ray Allen, Mike Miller), and even made a run at Kevin Love, which means....

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The Astrodome: From Elvis to Evel Knievel ... to Green Space?

Categories: Spaced City

Thumbnail image for astrodome110413use.jpg
Looks like this former icon of Houston will be mulch soon.
Anybody surprised that Astrodome is going to be demolished and turned into green space hasn't really been paying attention the past 25-plus years.

The Dome has been a doomed property ever since Harris County gave into Bud Adams' demands to destroy the heart and soul for the building so that he could put in new seats. It's fate was further sealed when Drayton McLane was allowed to let the place rot so he could use its condition to get Minute Maid Park built. The end came when it was decided to build the ugly monstrosity known as NRG Stadium to house the Houston Texas.

County judge Ed Emmett told Mark Berman last night that the Rodeo/Texans plan was a non-story.

Think about this for a bit. Never has a legitimate plan been presented to renovate the facility. County officials have "considered" plans that would turn the place into a movie studio, and into an amusement park. There were plans for it to be a hotel, a casino, an observatory, a convention complex. Only one plan has ever been presented to the voters. And that plan was a stupidly-awful money pit that would gut the Dome and turn it into a welcoming center for people going to football games and the rodeo -- this plan was rightfully voted down.

I'm sure there'll be plenty of people bitching about the philistines who didn't understand the history of the Astrodome and condemned it to death. But if you're one of those people, you're blaming the wrong ones. The fault first, and foremost, belongs to the Houston Texans and Rodeo Houston. The Texans and the Rodeo had veto power over any planned use of the facility. And they exercised that veto with impunity, vetoing nearly every plan because the proposed use of the building would interfere with the Rodeo and the Texans.

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Watch Valet Crash This $335,000 Lamborghini (VIDEO)

No doubt somebody there's got good coverage.
The concept of valet parking has always been a fascinating one to me.

Here is an item that for many people is one of the largest tangible items that they own, for most second behind their home, and yet when we pull into a driveway at a hotel or restaurant, we are totally cool with just handing over the keys. I don't even trust close relatives to drive my car, yet I'll gladly hand the keys over to Tony the valet guy, even though he might have five DUI's and 20/200 vision.

Why do our brains just automatically assume that valet drivers are capable drivers? Does it strike you as a vocation that is particularly diligent in their vetting process? Maybe they are, but it doesn't change the fact that you're tossing the keys to a complete stranger.

Well, perhaps videos like the one below will bring about the proper amount of pause.

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Houstonia Posts (Then Disappears) City Map Showing Where "Aspiring Mexicans" and "Pretentious White People" Live

Photo from judgmentalmaps.com

If you think you know where "aspiring Mexicans," "black people who like trains" and "pretentious white people" live in Houston, then Houstonia Magazine had the right map for you.

The magazine posted a "Judgemental Map of Houston" on its Facebook account today before quickly taking it down.

We called Houstonia to make sure that the screenshot of the post, sent to us by a reader wasn't photoshopped. Katharine Shilcutt, Houstonia's features editor, head social media person and former Houston Press food critic, confirmed that the screenshot was accurate.

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Texas Pretty Uptight, Study Shows

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Photo by Stuart Langridge

We love Texas and all, but damn can it be uptight - at least according to research.

Psychology researchers at the University of Maryland-College Park's recent study ranked all 50 states (sorry, D.C.) by how uptight or loose they are when it came to enforcing rules and tolerating deviance. Texas came in as sixth most uptight.

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Municipal Courts Offering Alcohol, Tobacco Education Programs

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Photo by SuperFantastic

Hey rebel teenagers in trouble with the law, have a minor in possession of alcohol, minor in possession of tobacco, or public intoxication charge you have to deal with? Look no further than the City of Houston Municipal Courts Department to help you.

The Municipal Courts Department is now offering alcohol education program for minors, and Texas Tobacco Awareness Program education to minors via the Juvenile Case Manager Program. The courses will satisfy judgments that require alcohol or tobacco education for law breakers hit with minor in possession of alcohol, tobacco or public intoxication charges handed out in any state court.

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