Your Guide to the Best Sunday Football Specials in Houston

Photo by Brooke Viggiano
Beer Market Co. has plenty of screens and even more beer to keep you happy.
Football is back and we couldn't be more thrilled! Here's to a great season, especially for the Texans (but also for some other players because at the time of publication we have not yet had our Fantasy Football draft so we really don't know who we want to do well yet).

That being said, we plan on getting our Sunday Funday on regardless of who's playing. And you should, too. From giant projection screens and killer audio systems to TD shots and beer towers, check out this list of sports bars with some of the best TV setups/ Sunday football specials in town:

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Broncos vs. Seahawks: Team-Inspired Menus for Your Super Bowl Party

Image by Brooke Viggiano
We plan to make it rain green chiles and Skittles at our Super Bowl party.
Time for bets, beers, and plenty of wings -- Super Bowl XLVIII is just around the corner. Unfortunately, the Texans completely blew it, so our grand plans of J.J. Watt Texans Tackle Crackle ice cream cake pops are spoiled. But no worries, we've still got a few Super Bowl tricks up our sleeve.

Whether you're a fan of the Seahawks, the Broncos, or you just enjoy overeating and excessive day-drinking, we've got a few team-inspired recipes to spice up your game party.

With wings, sliders, and even half-time shots, check out our Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Menus:

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Velveeta Cheesepocalypse Causes Queso Contemplation

Photo courtesy Velveeta
Everyone knows the Egyptians invented queso.
When you hear the word "queso," what do you picture?

If you live anywhere outside of South Texas, you probably see cheese, possibly a Mexican cheese like queso fresco or cotija.

If you grew up with Tex-Mex in your life like I did, you hear queso and think of a warm, soothing bowl of melted yellow cheese with chunks of red and green peppers

Of course, the shorthand queso actually refers to chile con queso, a Tex-Mex staple that doesn't contain that much cheese if it's made properly. And by "made properly," I mean with a log of Velveeta and a can of Ro*Tel.

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Calling All Matts! Get a Free Burger on Saturday in Support of Schaub

Photo from
It looks like Matt Schaub could use a little support, y'all.
It was the pick six heard 'round the world. When Texans quarterback Matt Schaub threw a game-losing interception with just over five minutes to go in the Texans-Seahawks game two weeks ago, fans had had enough.

First came the jersey burning, and then the infamous "Pick Six" burger, in which a Skeeter's Grill employee created the Matt Schaub Special: Pick six toppings for your burger...and pay for it dearly.

Sadly, Sunday night's game against the 49ers wasn't much better. Let's just say it hasn't been Schaub's best couple of weeks.

But that's not to say he doesn't have any local support. The owners of Little Bitty Burger Barn are hoping this Saturday's special will boost his morale.

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Top 5 Sports Bars in Houston for Healthy Eating

Photo by KittyKaht
Just say NO to nachos.
We're about five weeks into football season, and let's just say we've had our fair share of Buffalo wings, loaded nachos and sliders. It's been fun, but we kind of want to fit into those slutty Halloween costumes we picked out.

Well, guess what, Houston?

We're in luck, because thanks to some of our city's finest sports bars, we can watch our games and get our fill of healthy grub. Now there's more room for the beer. (We're never fitting into those costumes, are we?)

Here are our Top 5 Local Bars with Healthy Menu Options:

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Reliant Stadium Kicks It Up a Notch with Local Food and Craft Beer

Photo by Marco Torres
Reliant Stadium has already hosted a few preseason games this summer, but Sunday will be the first time the Texans play at home this season. Attendees of this game can expect rowdy fans, hot temperatures and great local food.

Yes, great food. Local chefs. At a football stadium.

Gone are the days when your only option at stadium concessions was lukewarm hot dogs and nachos with fluorescent cheese pumped out onto stale corn chips. And though Bud Light is still a favorite of sports fans everywhere, it's no longer your only means of getting booze into your bloodstream.

The Daily Meal recently named Reliant Stadium the third-best stadium in the country for craft beer, and this season it will welcome Chris Shepherd and a mini Underbelly, as well as Bernie's Burger Bus, to the concession lineup.

We spoke to Aramark's general manager for Reliant, Joel Nash, who caught us up on the culinary developments at the stadium.

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Top Ten "Sports Bars" in Town with Great Food

Photo from Lucky's Pub
Celebrating a Dynamos win at Lucky's. Football is even crazier and more badass.
Finally, football season is back!

That means jerseys, beer and drunken shouting matches with the TV at your favorite watering hole over the ref's ridiculous call. And though we're fans of drinking dinner every now and then, we think football nights should involve some good food, too.

Most sports bars stick to the tired old menus of mediocre wings and soggy fries, but we've got a few places here in town that take pub grub to the next level. Granted, they aren't all sports bars in the traditional sense, but for the purposes of watching the game with fellow fans and eating some fine food, they'll definitely do the trick.

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Easy Super Bowl Dinner: Baked Potato Bar

Serve all the toppings your heart desires with baked potatoes for an easy and filling Super Bowl dinner.
Serving food in a buffet style is always efficient and easy when you're hosting a bunch of people over for dinner. With the Super Bowl game this Sunday, everyone wants to watch the game and have a good time with friends, not slave away in the kitchen. You'll be happy, your guests will be happy and your stomach will be happy. It's a win for everyone.

Baked potatoes are easy to mass-produce, and who doesn't love a baked potato with all the fixings while watching the Super Bowl? Here is how you can make a baked potato bar, buffet-style, for all your guests to assemble baked potatoes topped with all their favorite foods.

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Super Bowl Makeovers: 5 Favorites Lightened Up

pulled pork sliders.jpg
Photo by jhritz
Super Bowl Sunday is most definitely a day of indulgence. Beer, wings, nachos, sliders -- it's all so good, but so, soooo bad. Normally. Have no fear -- with just a few simple tweaks, you can still enjoy these game-day favorites, and with only a fraction of the guilt.

Check out our secrets to making 5 Super Bowl Favorites Lightened Up:

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What's Cooking on Pinterest? Taco Cupcakes

Photos by Molly Dunn
Taco cupcakes are so simple to make and are perfect the Super Bowl this weekend.
The Food & Drink section of Pinterest is overflowing with recipes for Super Bowl weekend. Almost every pin is an easy appetizers, hearty game-day chili or a football-themed dessert. So, I decided to make an easy appetizer you can serve up to everyone at your home as you enjoy all the Super Bowl festivities.

I know you're probably wondering, did she really make cupcakes that taste like tacos? Absolutely not. These are savory one-bite appetizers that are made in a cupcake pan. Don't worry, I didn't blend the spiciness of tacos with the sweetness of a cupcake ... that does not sound appetizing at all. Instead of using wonton wrappers and making a "double decker" style cupcake like the original recipe I found on Pinterest, I decided to use frozen phyllo-dough tart shells, so this recipe yields more tarts than the original recipe because they are smaller.

This is a simple recipe with just a few ingredients that you can throw together in less than an hour.

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