Try These Five Outrageously Awesome Shellfish Dishes in Houston

Photo by Troy Fields
Beer and lobster never tasted so good.
Lobster, shrimp, crab, oysters...these shellfish are all delicious when simply prepared. But sometimes you just want to soak them in beer-butter or coat them in an ultra-thick spiced batter and deep fry them whole until they are crunchy-as-all-hell. And that, our friends, is what we're looking at today. Check out these five outrageously delicious shellfish eats:

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Try These 5 Monster Sandwiches in Houston

Photo by David Hale Smith
This bbq sandwich has everything but the kitchen sink...and then some.
From triple deckers loaded with slaw and delicatessen to a bbq number stacked with everything but the kitchen sink, here are five awesomely massive sandwiches to try in Houston:

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Try These 5 Absolutely Loaded Pizzas in Houston

Photo by Chuck Cook Photography
Why yes, those are Fritos on your pie.
We often find the best pizzas are light on sauce, with just a few high-quality toppings scattered about. But we're not here to talk about those pizzas. We're here to talk about the sauced up, cheese-loaded, absolutely-smothered pies and slices that are completely outrageous, but oh-so-worth it. Because sometimes, a little over-indulgence is necessary.

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Try These Five Absolutely Loaded Fries

Photo by Robb Walsh
You'll never look at poutine the same way.
When it comes to smothered fries, we whole-heartedly believe that the more crap that gets loaded on top, the better. Try these five plates of cheese-drizzled, meat-laden, gravy-and-sauce-slathered fries.

What: Tex-Cajun Virgin Fries
Where to find them: BB's Cafe

Our love affair with BB's Cajun take on poutine began when food critic Robb Walsh waxed poetic about it in 2009. A year later, he went on to name the plate of crisp, shoestring fries -- which get a healthy smothering of chile con queso, tender roast beef, and gravy -- one of his top 20 "100 Favorite Dishes" in Houston. One taste and you'll know why.

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Try These Seven Non-Burger Sliders in Houston

Photo by Brooke Viggiano
Little Big's does sliders right.
These days, there's way more to sliders than just burgers. And while we of course love the mini beefcakes, we're pretty excited to see some new kids on the block. From a breakfast treat to mini dogs, here are five new kinds of sliders to check out in Houston:

Chili Cheese Dog Sliders
Where to find them: Little Bigs

Little Big's has long been the king of sliders, offering the tiny sandwiches in burger, pulled pork, and fried chicken form. But last year, the almighty trio got an upgrade when the restaurant added Nathan's slider-sized hot dogs to the menu. They're almost too cute to eat....almost. We love them smothered in slow-cooked chili, shredded cheese, and jalapeños from the toppings bar.

Pancake Sliders
Where to find them: Union Kitchen

If breakfast appetizers aren't a thing that you participate in yet, they totally should be. UK proves that with these miniature pancake sandwiches, which get the royal treatment with a Canadian bacon, breakfast sausage, and fried egg filling. Share these with friends and thank us later.

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Dish of the Week: Beer-Battered Apple Fritters

Photo by JustyCinMD
Finish the fritters with a dusting of powdered sugar or a drizzle of caramel.
From classic comfort foods to regional standouts and desserts, we'll be sharing a new recipe with you each week. See the complete list of recipes at the end of this post.

This week, we're sharing a recipe perfect for fall: apple fritters.

The word fritter is derived from the Latin word frictura, meaning "to fry." So it should come as no surprise that fritters are basically batter (chou paste or yeast dough) that gets fried until light and crisp. Often, the batter either coats or is mixed with fruit, vegetables, meat, or seafood before being fried.

Fritters can be found in all types of cuisines, from Japanese tempura and Indonesian gorengan to French beignets and Italian fritto misto. Of course, there's also the all-American fried dessert, the apple fritter.

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Royal Oak Bar & Grill Just May Have the Largest Poppers Ever

Photo by Brooke Viggiano
These jalapeño poppers are definitely big enough to share.
The $6 stuffed jalapeños happy hour deal (offered weekdays from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.) at Royal Oak Bar & Grill could be the best $6 you ever spent (on fried food, at least).

With 3 miniature football-shaped fritters to a plate, that's just $2 each for the biggest, spiciest jalapeño poppers to ever grace the planet (or Montrose, at least).

On the outside, the trio of avocado-sized peppers are breaded and fried to a deep, golden crisp, with the crunchy coating made thick enough to withhold the gloriously overstuffed filling. A generous drizzle of sour cream sits atop, though you'll likely want a bit more to cool your tongue after you break inside the shell.

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Taste-Testing the Lay's Do Us a Flavor Chips

Categories: Snackshot

Photo by Molly Dunn
Which flavor do you like the most?
The Lay's Do Us A Flavor Competition has returned once again. The four potato chip flavor finalists are Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese, Cappuccino, Wavy Mango Salsa and Kettle Cooked Wasabi Ginger. Each chip is on opposite ends of the taste spectrum.

You have 75 days to vote for your favorite chip in hopes that it will remain on the shelves; the three losers will say sayonara. But in case you were wondering what we think (of course you were!) we have ranked the four chips based on overall flavor, texture and if they make our taste buds happy.

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The Rodeo Is Over, but You Can Still Get Deep-Fried Oreos

Photo by Brooke Viggiano
You don't need to go to the rodeo for these deep-fried treats.
I miss the rodeo. I miss cowboys in bolo ties, mutton bustin' and bull riding, live music and two stepping...the list goes on. But perhaps most of all, I miss the unspoken understanding that everything at the rodeo -- and I mean everything -- is to be deep-fried and or/covered in bacon.

I was traveling for most of the season this year, so I didn't even get a chance to indulge in my favorite rodeo "dessert", deep-fried Oreos. So you can imagine my delight when I found them on the menu at Saint Dane's Bar & Grille.

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Top 5 Discontinued Chips We Want Back!

Photo by theimpulsivebuy
Apparently, chips can be wild AND mild.

Nothing lasts forever, and we both know snacks can change. Well, that is not exactly what Axl Rose sang, but his sentiments about ephemerality, I think, apply to junk food as well as love. In the world of chips, flavors come and go; here are five that made their mark and deserve a comeback.

5. Mozzarella Cheese Stick Pringles. Back in the day, Pringles issued a line of chips called "Restaurant Cravers," which, as you might guess, were supposed to replicate the flavors of popular mainstream restaurant appetizers such as Mexican layer dip, cheese fries, a fried (a.k.a. "bloomin'") onion, etc. Miraculously, the cheese sticks chips actually did taste of marinara sauce and fried mozzarella.

4. Wild and Mild Ranch Fritos. I'm convinced these chips were dusted with cocaine, so addictive were they from the very first crunchy, peppery bite. Many thought the flavor sacrilege because it was antithetical to the taste tenets of traditional corn-forward Fritos, which is perhaps why they never gained traction among die-hard Fritos fans.

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