Openings & Closings: A New Restaurant From the Coltivare/Revival Market Guys?

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Photo by Chuck Cook Photography
Are the folks behind Revival Market and Coltivare planning to opening another restaurant?

Eater Houston has published information that indicates Morgan Weber and Ryan Pera, the guys behind Revival Market and Coltivare, are possibly opening a new restaurant at 1030 Yale. It seems like a solid lead, considering that Weber filed a business permit with the same address. (There's a link to the permit image on Eater Houston's web site.) It's currently the site of a closed gas station. After an inquiry by the Houston Press, their public relations representative said no further information is being made available at this time.

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Openings & Closings: New Concepts Serve Customers From Dawn to Dark

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Photo by Chuck Cook Photography
Weights + Measures is starting their beta-test run of the bar area on Sunday, December 28.

Even during the holidays, Houston's flurry of restaurant activity never stops. If anything, things have picked up over the past two weeks. Hold on tight as we look at a slew of openings, closings and a few name changes, too.

We had not one, but two early looks at on some new and interesting concepts that aim to take care of customers from dawn to dusk.

Weights + Measures (2808 Caroline) is doing a beta test run of the bar area starting the evening of Sunday, December 28. There's no specific time set, but co-owner Mike Sammons says that when the neon sign facing Caroline Street is lit, the place is officially open. That will happen right around sundown.

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First Look at Bistro Menil

Photo by Mai Pham
The duck confit at Bistro Menil is a thing of beauty.

Located right on the Menil Collection campus in its own standalone building is the beautiful new restaurant, Bistro Menil. Independently run by chef-owner Greg Martin,the chic neighborhood eatery is all kinds of wonderful, from the intimate, candlelit patio, to the contemporary, well-designed interior.

"I love it already!" my friend exclaimed excitedly as I approached where she was waiting for me on the gravel pathway leading up to Bistro Menil's glass door entrance. Even before you enter, the restaurant gives off this California wine country vibe. The patio is shaded by a natural oak tree canopy, while verdant plots of grass surround the restaurant. A large, bright red metal sculpture, made of long criss-crossed tubes resembling a large piece of a jacks game, wasn't lit the night we were there, but it hinted at what we would experience during the day.

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Katch 22 Goes to the Locker Room for Good

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A press release from Kory Clemens, son of baseball player and former Houston Astro Roger Clemens, says that Katch 22 (700 Durham) has closed. The statement reads:

Negotiations with our landlord have not yielded the resolution we had hoped for and, quite frankly, needed to continue operations at this location.   Consequently, we have closed the doors of the restaurant and bar effective today and are beginning our search for a more serviceable location.
  Fortunately, the letter from Kory Clemens says that all Katch 22 employees have been saved from a blue Christmas thanks to being offered positions at Cullen's American Grille or Catering by Cullen's.

We'll update on any relocation or reopening news, should there be any.

Chef Leaves Museum Park Cafe Less Than Four Months After Opening

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Photo by Phaedra Cook
Chef Justin Basye (left) has left Museum Park Cafe less than four months after it opened. Chef Chris Leung (right) is remaining on board.

Executive chef Justin Basye has already departed Museum Park Cafe at 1801 Binz.

(Museum Park Cafe's pastry chef Chris Leung is confirmed to be remaining onboard. Leung and Christopher Balat of Balcor Hospitality opened ice cream shop, Cloud 10 Creamery together and the group is also behind coffee shop Bosta, located next to Museum Park Cafe.)

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UPDATED: Say Good-Bye to La Casa del Caballo: El Tiempo's Moving In

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Courtesy of El Tiempo Cantina
El Tiempo president Roland Laurenza (lower) stands on the stairs of the Vintage Park El Tiempo location with executive chef and son, Dominic Laurenzo. They are taking over the La Casa Del Caballo space in the Montrose.

It's no longer a mystery as to what is going to happen with El Tiempo 1308 Cantina when it closes at the beginning of 2015, but unfortunately, the other side of that story is that La Casa Del Caballo is closing.

Public relations firm The Epicurean Publicist relayed this statement from Roland Laurenzo, president of El Tiempo Cantina. (The firm is no longer officially representing El Tiempo but kindly obtained this statement anyway.):

The rumor is true. La Casa Del Caballo will close on December 31, 2014, and we will take possession on January 1, 2015. We will remodel the space during January, February and March, more or less, and we expect to move there on April 1, 2015 at the latest. Then we will close 1308.
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Openings & Closings: MF Sushi (Or Something Like It) Will Ride Again

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Photo by Troy Fields
Respected sushi chef Chris Kinjo is establishing a new (and hopefully stable) place in the Museum District.

He may be Houston's unluckiest chef when it comes to keeping a restaurant open, but it looks like sushi master Chris "Magic Fingers" Kinjo of MF Sushi, will ultimately find stable ground. Alison Cook at the Houston Chronicle reports that he has signed a lease on his own sleek, modern restaurant in the Museum District at 1401 Binz. It will be located in the mixed-use Museum Point Professional Building.

MF Sushi has been a weird, wild ride. It opened to acclaim in the Galleria area in December 2012. Just 10 months later, it was damaged after a fire and shut down. This past spring, MF Sushi finally reopened and critics and sushi fans alike rejoiced, only to be crushed again when it closed this past October for "reorganization." MF Sushi is open again, but this time it's without Kinjo in the kitchen.

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The Chicken Ranch Is Delivering For Lights In The Heights

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Photo by Chuck Cook Photography
Out during Lights In The Heights tomorrow (or maybe stuck inside hiding from humanity)? All of this can be brought to your door.

If you find you're in The Heights tomorrow night and feeling a little peckish (or even a lot peckish), The Chicken Ranch, 6500 N. Main, wants to help. Tomorrow night during Lights In The Heights from 4 to 10 p.m., they'll be out delivering fried chicken and sides to the area on their Stella scooter.

You may have to suppress some giggles ordering, though. Here are the offerings:

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Openings & Closings: El Cantina Superior Gets New Owners and Menu

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Photo by Chuck Cook Photography
El Cantina Superior has new ownership and is getting a new menu, too.
This one is something of a closing and a re-opening: a press release from restaurant group F.E.E.D TX says they are partnering with Ken Bridge of Delicious Concepts restaurant group to make over El Cantina Superior, which was apparently struggling. (It was the site of the Houston Press Tequila & Tamales throwdown that was held a mere two weeks ago.). F.E.E.D TX's other projects include Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette as well as BRC, which Delicious Concepts is behind places such as Witchcraft Tavern and Pink's Pizza. The restaurant, located at 602 Studewood near Fitzgerald's, will relaunch with a new menu in place late next week. A representative from F.E.E.D TX says the menu, "will be Tex-Mex with our view of how food should be done. Don't be surprised to see a chicken fried steak on the menu or a juicy, delicious burger." 

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MF Sushi's Chris Kinjo Announces Plans for A New Restaurant in the Museum District

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Photo by Mai Pham
Sushi Chef Chris Kinjo will be opening a new restaurant in the Museum District in Spring 2015.

Fans of MF Sushi may have wondered why chef Chris Kinjo hasn't been at his MF Sushi location on Westheimer. "We parted ways in late October," says Kinjo of he and his former partner. "I'm no longer affiliated with that location."

The acclaimed sushi chef, who relocated to Houston from Atlanta, opened MF Sushi in December 2012, only to close it several months later when his restaurant burned down in a fire. He successfully re-opened again in May of this year, but in early October, the restaurant abruptly closed down. When it opened again, Kinjo was no longer part of the picture.

A call to the MF Sushi Westheimer location in late October revealed that they would be operating as usual, without Kinjo. "He's moved on to other projects," a young man who answered the phone said.

This week, Kinjo confirmed his plans to open a new restaurant in a contemporary building at 1401 Binz Street in the Museum District. The lease was signed late Tuesday afternoon, and architectural plans are being submitted within the week.

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