Past Houston Rodeo Bar-B-Que Competition Winner Does It Again

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Courtesy of Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
Overall Champion team Across The Track won the chicken category as well. This is their second Houston championship.

Despite temperatures that hovered in the 40s at night at NRG Park, competing barbecue teams from across the country toughed it out to submit 419 entries.

Amazingly, the grand champion this year was Across the Track, a Houston cookoff team that took home the exact same honor in 2013. Across the Track also was the top scorer in the chicken category. First runner up was Iowa's Smokey D's BBQ and second runner up was Ram's Club.

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A Sneak Peek of the New H-E-B and Table 57 Restaurant

Photo by Phaedra Cook
The opening of the new H-E-B and Table 57 restaurant is just around the corner.
When it comes to its new, 91,000 square foot location at 5895 San Felipe at Fountainview, H-E-B is making sure there's a whole lot of fun in-store for shoppers. The company is touting this location as its "finest store in Houston."

It was a stroke of good fortune that when it came time to develop Table 57's menu that a respected, longtime Houston chef happened to be available to help. Chef Randy Evans had just struck out on his own after his prior restaurant, Haven, was sold by its main investor. McClelland asked Evans to consult on Table 57's new menu. The executive chef is Allen Duhon. The restaurant, by the way, is named for the zip code of the address.

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Lone Star Chuck Wagon Team Represents Houston & BBQ on Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race

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Photo courtesy of Food Network
The Lone Star Chuck Wagon team hopes to win their own barbecue food truck.
The fifth season of The Great Food Truck Race premieres Sunday, August 17, at 8 p.m. on Food Network, and the Lone Star Chuck Wagon team will represent Houston with its barbecue Tex-Mex mobile eatery concept.

The reality show competition features a total of eight teams composed of three individuals who have never owned or operated a food truck. Food Network provides each team with a food truck to travel across the country from Santa Barbara, California, to Key West, Florida, partaking in a series of challenges testing their skills in running a food truck. At the end of each competition, one truck will be eliminated; the winning team will be awarded the keys to the food truck and $50,000 to kick-start their new business.

Lance Kramer along with his wife Rachel Young and their best friend Andrea Chesley make up the Lone Star Chuck Wagon food truck team. Kramer is the brains behind the operation, while Chesley serves as his sous chef and Young keeps everything in tip-top shape.

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Houston Rodeo's Dutch Oven Desserts Competition Cooked 'Em Low and Slow

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Photos by Molly Dunn
Sticky bread pudding desserts, like this one, were popular entries.
Some judge barbecue and some judge food and wine at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. But me? I judge Dutch oven desserts.

On Friday, February 28, the World's Championship Bar-B-Que Contest hosted the fifth annual Dutch Oven Desserts Competition, and nearly 145 teams entered their sweet treats made entirely in a Dutch oven.

The competition was separated into two tasting rounds, each table of judges received eight different desserts in each round. As the desserts were passed around the table, each judge placed a scoop of the sugary creation onto a plate, sampled it and gave it a ranking of from one to ten (one being the worst and ten being the best).

It's like Thanksgiving desserts on steroids.

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Killen's Barbecue Pop Up and Syrahvolution at Paulie's and Camerata Wows the Crowds

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Photos by Carla Soriano
This photo of the five-meat plate from Killen's Barbecue doesn't do the delectable barbecue justice.

Houstonians must be doing something right, as the barbecue gods have been really generous to our city as of late. A couple of weeks ago, Q for a Cause brought Austin-based barbecue legend John Mueller, his pits, his food, and his team to Cottonwood. This past weekend, Killen's Barbecue was served inside the loop not once, but twice: Saturday at Haven, during a benefit for the fire-ravaged My Dee Dee's Pie Shoppe, and Sunday at Q the Wine, a "Killen's Barbecue Pop Up & Syrahvolution at Paulie's and Camerata."

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5 Houston-Area Barbecue Joints Top Texas Monthly List of 50 Best BBQ Spots

Photo by Joshua Justice
Trent Brooks, pitmaster and owner of Brooks Place BBQ, earned a well-deserved spot on the list.
The last time Texas Monthly released its list of the 50 best barbecue joints in Texas was 2008. During that five-year interim, a lot has changed. Namely, the Austin-based magazine now boasts its very own barbecue editor -- the only publication anywhere to have a single person devoted to the cuisine.

That barbecue editor is Daniel Vaughn, the much-discussed and highly respected former barbecue blogger who's noted for two fairly amazing accomplishments as of late: First is his book, The Prophets of Smoked Meat, which is the debut title under Anthony Bourdain's line of books for publishing company Ecco.

The second accomplishment is driving more than 10,000 miles for that book as well as for Texas Monthly's latest barbecue guide. Indeed, between Vaughn and longtime food editor Pat Sharpe, the team covered an accumulated 33,168 miles and visited 658 places across the state before deciding on the final 50.

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Celebrity Pitmaster Neil "Bigmista" Strawder Heading Back Home for One-Day Barbecue Extravaganza

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Photos by Groovehouse
The Rev. Chester J. Makowski, Vicar of St. Augustine and Neil "Bigmista" Strawder share a laugh in the church's kitchen.
Good things always come in threes: First, it was the smashingly successful Houston Barbecue Festival. Then it was the annual Foodways Texas symposium, which spotlighted barbecue. Now it's news that California-based celebrity pitmaster Neil "Bigmista" Strawder is headed back to his hometown of Galveston for a one-day-only meat-filled extravaganza that barbecue devotees absolutely should not miss. I hear Texas will even revoke your Official Barbecue Fan® permit if you do.

This is the third year that Galveston boy-done-good Strawder has returned to the island to host the 3rd annual BBQ Fundraiser for his childhood church, St. Augustine of Hippo. As the oldest African-American Episcopal church in Texas, the old lady needs continual repairs and renovations to keep her looking her loveliest. Strawder's fundraiser brings in financial assistance the good, old-fashioned way: with a community barbecue on Saturday, April 27.

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Barbecue, Onions and Red Soda: Dispatches from the 2013 Foodways Texas Symposium

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Photos by Katharine Shilcutt
Restaurants from across the state -- including Houston's own Goode Co. Seafood and Revival Market -- catered the meals during the symposium.
When I first heard about the theme of the 2013 Foodways Texas symposium, I was wary: two-and-a-half days of barbecue panels, meals and talks. Two-and-a-half days? Not that there isn't fertile ground to plow for topics, but the sheer amount of time devoted to discussions of smoked meat seemed excessive.

I like barbecue a whole lot, but I don't have quite the same passion for it that my predecessor, Robb Walsh -- former Houston Press food critic, current food editor of Houstonia and founding member of Foodways Texas -- does. Walsh has written entire books on the topic of barbecue. I've never even once taken a barbecue road trip. There was an entire panel at the symposium devoted to barbecue road trips. What was I getting myself into by attending?

I quickly found out that the symposium was less about meat-wankery and much more about what Foodways Texas itself is devoted to: preserving and sharing our state's food heritage. I didn't just learn about smoked meat. I learned about the history of Central Texas abattoirs and the reason Juneteenth celebrations always feature red soda. I learned how the 1015 onion was developed by Texas A&M and where the word "barbecue" itself came from.

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Inaugural Houston Barbecue Festival a Smoking Success

Photos by Joshua Justice
Trent Brooks brought his entire barbecue rig up to the Houston Barbecue Festival.
Trent Brooks, a second-generation pitmaster, packed up his entire barbecue operation -- smoker and all inside a trailer the size of an Airstream -- and headed south from Cypress. Ronnie Killen stayed awake for 19 hours straight, tending to 1,000 pounds of meat smoking in his pits overnight. José Luis Lopez made a rare appearance outside his family store, Gerardo's, located in Lindale Park, to serve his famed barbacoa to a hungry crowd.

These men and more -- from a total of 15 barbecue restaurants, joints, shacks and trailers across the greater Houston area -- devoted themselves fully to the inaugural Houston Barbecue Festival at the Bayou City Event Center for one reason: to finally prove once and for all that Houston does have good barbecue. It's just a matter of knowing where to look.

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First Look at Oak Leaf Smokehouse, Replacing Pete's BBQ on Telephone Road

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Oak Leaf Smokehouse 006s.jpg
Photos by Katharine Shilcutt
I honestly don't remember when Pete's BBQ closed. The little barbecue shack on Telephone Road was utterly unremarkable aside from its fantastically retro sign, and waving cowboy above the entrance who beckoned people inside for chopped beef sandwiches and baked potatoes. If I was in the area, it was to eat at Kanomwan or Taqueria Alma Latina or Bohemeo's or any number of other, more interesting establishments.

But I always wished that Pete's was good, if only because of the general dearth of good barbecue in Houston -- and if only to have a reason to visit the cute red restaurant with a fabulous sign.

It looks like the old place may finally be home to some good barbecue now, however, thanks to new tenants Oak Leaf Smokehouse. Owners Brian and Lisa -- a husband and wife team whose only real restaurant experience prior to embarking on this barbecue adventure was as silent partners in The Hay Merchant and Underbelly -- have moved in, fixed the old place up and are committed to exploring not only Texas-style 'cue, but the many other permutations across the nation as well.

It's an interesting move, and one that I'm curious to see expanded on. For now, though, Oak Leaf Smokehouse is still in its soft-opening stage and only open for lunch.

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