Way Good Food Truck Really Is Way Good

Photos by Molly Dunn
Way Good Food Truck sits outside West Alabama Ice House every day from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m.
"This is way good," my fiancé and I unintentionally said to each other after taking one bite from our fried mac and cheese balls from Way Good Food Truck. Yes, the mobile eatery's name is a bit pretentious and forefront in describing its food, but you can't blame a food service for being proud of its products, can you?

Way Good Food Truck held its grand opening on Friday, May 14, and has set up shop daily since then at the corner of West Alabama Ice House, inviting customers to grab some greasy, indulgent food and sit down at one of the many picnic tables outside. Ice cold beer, plus burgers, nachos and fries, make for one heck of a combination.

After creating their catering company, Way Good Food, LLC in October 2013, sisters Karen and Kathryn Fergus took over the Greek gyro food truck Papou Jerry's and turned it into Way Good Food in December 2013. Karen is the chef and Kathryn is the director of marketing and operations. They refurbished the truck and turned it into the bright-blue mobile eatery that sits on the corner of West Alabama Ice House seven days a week.

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Menchie's Frozen Yogurt Food Truck Has Arrived

Photos by Molly Dunn
The first frozen yogurt food truck has landed, Houston.
Menchie's Frozen Yogurt has established a presence in Houston during the past several months. The franchise has 15 locations in Houston and the surrounding area, and now it can say it has the first frozen yogurt food truck in Houston.

On Friday, March 7, Menchie's opened its bright pink froyo truck outside the shop on West 19th Street. Although it looks exactly like a regular food truck, it's completely different. Rather than opening up the windows for service, the truck opens a side panel revealing six frozen yogurt flavors in three sections, each with a middle dispenser to swirl the two adjacent flavors.

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Ladybird Food Truck's Globally Inspired Fare Shines

Photo by Brooke Viggiano
A spicy Hill Country sausage makes Ladybird's kimchi dog sing.
It took me way too long to stop by the burnt-orange school bus that is Ladybird Food Truck (they've been hitting the streets since 2011). Now that I've gotten a taste of what they have to offer, I know it won't take me so long to go back.

Last Saturday, my fiancé and I were strolling around Montrose, trying to figure out what to eat when we spotted the truck parked outside of Inversion Coffee House. One look at the menu of globally inspired comfort food and we were quickly staking out tables for lunch.

We ordered the Yardbird ($7.25) -- a fried chicken sandwich topped with mayo, Swiss cheese, sweet pickles and a schmaltz jam; and the Kimchi Dog ($8.00) -- a Hill Country sausage sandwich smothered with kimchi and jack cheese. Two Inversion lemonades and ten minutes later, our food was ready.

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The Modular Food Truck Is Back, Better than Ever

Photo courtesy The Modular Unit
With a new paint job and a menu full of hits, this restaurant on wheels is really going places.
Though incredibly popular and well received by critics, The Modular food truck (actually a trailer) had a surprisingly short run. It opened in 2011, helmed by Joshua Martinez and Lyle Bento. At the time, Martinez was fresh off a stint as general manager of Kata Robata, and Bento was an up-and-coming chef who'd recently left Feast. Bento eventually moved to Underbelly, and Martinez made the slow transition from food-truck owner to restaurant owner when he opened Goro & Gun in early 2013. The move was gradual, with the truck still coming out to play at events every now and then, though Martinez was focusing most of his attention on Goro & Gun. Then one day The Modular returned to the commissary, where it remained for far longer than anyone would have liked.

Now that Goro & Gun is thriving, Martinez doesn't need to be there as frequently, so he's brought The Modular back to life, along with help from Mark Parmley and a motley crew of guest chefs. The trailer, which was previously referred to as the "Tin Can" due to some unfortunate metal siding, has been replaced with a truck that's been completely revamped and now features a bright new paint job by Houston graffiti artist Daniel Anguilu. And it's now called the "Goro & Gun Modular Unit," since it incorporates menu items from both eateries.

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First Look at Espresso Rescue: The Coffee Truck

Photo by Molly Dunn
It's not a medical ambulance, it's a coffee ambulance.
With the influx of food trucks to the Houston mobile dining scene, we seem to be missing one type of truck. The city is blessed with numerous trucks that will satisfy the late-night munchies, the sugar cravings in the afternoon and everything else in between, but we don't have enough trucks to jump-start our mornings. I'm talking coffee trucks.

A little more than a month ago, Houston's first coffee truck, Espresso Rescue, rolled into the area, and since then has been offering up caffeinated drinks throughout the day at various food parks. We decided to check out this espresso ambulance and see if its drinks and snacks were up to par with other local coffee establishments. Hint: It surpasses all expectations.

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Movable Feasts: Food Truck Fridays Coming to the Houston Press, So Get Yourself to Midtown

In case you hadn't heard, we recently moved from the building downtown at the corner of Pease and Milam, where we'd been living for the past 15 years, to a new spot, in Midtown. And in doing so, we've discovered there aren't a lot of lunch options within walking distance of our office or many of the other offices in the neighborhood.

To combat our hunger, and unwillingness to walk a mile for fast food, we're starting a new Friday tradition: Food Truck Fridays!

We want to bring easily accessible and delicious food to the folks living and working in Midtown, and we want to support our great local food trucks, so every Friday we'll host a different truck in front of our office at McGowen and La Branch from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The first Food Truck Friday rolls in on December 6, and we'll be welcoming Koagie Hots to our lot for some cheese steaks, hot dogs and those killer kimchi fries on that day.

Wanna see the full schedule of trucks we have lined up through March?

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Eat St. Crews Roll into Houston This Weekend: Show Some Food Truck Love and Enjoy Free Bites

Photo by Kevin Gee
Come show your support this week for the filming of Cooking Channel's Eat St.

Film crews for the popular Cooking Channel show Eat St. roll into town starting this Saturday for or a multi-day shooting fest that will feature six of Houston's best gourmet food trucks. The show is returning to Houston after a successful shoot here in April.

The filming schedule and locations are as follows:
Saturday, October 19, 12 p.m.: Kurbside Eatz at Fox Hollow
Sunday, October 20, 12 p.m.: Muiishi Makirritos at Boomtown Coffee
Monday, October 21, 12 p.m.: Flip 'n Patties at Boomtown Coffee
Wednesday, October 23, 12 p.m.: Bernie's Burger Bus at Inversion Coffee
Thursday, October 24, 12 p.m.: Eatsie Boys at Eatsie Boys Cafe
Friday, October 25, 12 p.m.: Ladybird at Museum of Fine Arts Houston (MFAH)

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Houstonians, Rejoice! New Food Truck Parks Set to Open

Photo from My Food Park HTX
It's about damn time, Houston. About damn time.
Food truck parks are popping up around Houston! Finally, people all over the city can start enjoying our great mobile kitchens as much as the lucky folks inside the Loop do.

Our first food truck park, Houston Food Park, opened in EaDo in June, and the place is so popular that it already has more than twice as many Facebook fans as Eating...Our Words (not that we're bitter or anything).

In its wake, two new food truck parks are set to open soon: My Food Park HTX, which will have a soft opening on October 14, and Mangum Food Park, which is scheduled to open on October 19. The former is located west of Beltway 8 in the Energy Corridor, while the latter will be on Mangum Road by the intersection of 610 and 290.

You know what this means...fusion tacos for everybody!

We caught up with the folks in charge of the new parks to find out more about their plans.

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Taco Nuts, L.J. Wiley's New Taco Truck, Is Open for Business

Photo via @TacoNuts on Twitter
The last time I visited with chef L.J. Wiley was in March. That's when the prodigal chef was busy hosting a pop-up dinner called "Yelapagain" with his former employees and colleagues from Yelapa, the modern Mexican restaurant Wiley helmed to critical acclaim before departing for New York City in 2011.

But Wiley hadn't returned to Houston to only serve pop-up dinners, nor to resurrect Yelapa -- which closed in October 2011, not long after Wiley left.

He'd come back to Houston to sling tacos. From a truck.

But as many mobile food unit operators will tell you, finding the perfect truck -- one that runs, one that's reliable, one that has enough room, maybe even one that has its medallions already and can go straight into service -- is half the battle.

"I turned down a truck a few days ago," Wiley told me as he served up dishes at the Yelapagain dinner that night at Kitchen Incubator. The dinner's purpose was dual-pronged: to let Houston know that Wiley was back and to test out some of the tacos he was considering for his truck's menu.

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More Than Just Raspas at Refresqueria Rio Verde

Photos by Katharine Shilcutt
To assume that Refresqueria Rio Verde is simply a refresqueria would be incorrect.

Although the sides of its white-and-red truck are painted with the colors and flavors of the various raspas it sells, you may miss the comparatively less emphatic "tacos" and "tortas" that look like afterthoughts. You'll need to get up close and personal to find that menu: smaller, partially hidden behind the plastic trays full of condiments for truck's elotes and freshly sliced fruit -- both snacks waiting to be sprinkled with rust-colored chile en polvo for a spicy kick.

On that small menu, you'll find that aside from just snacks, Refresqueria Rio Verde also serves a full menu of tacos. I sort of hate that I'm telling anyone this, but they're one of the best-kept secrets in town.

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