Sous Chef Ryan Lachaine, Chris Shepherd's Right-Hand Man, Exits Underbelly

Photo from Underbelly
Sous chef Ryan Lachaine has left the building.
Early Sunday morning, news spread that Underbelly sous chef Ryan Lachaine was no longer with the celebrated Houston restaurant. Lachaine had been chef Chris Shepherd's right-hand man since Underbelly opened, in 2012.

We contacted restaurant group Clumsy Butcher, which represents a number of local bars and restaurants, including Underbelly, Anvil, OKRA and Blacksmith, for comment on the situation, and they responded with:

"We have nothing but great things to say about Ryan and his time at Underbelly. We have no further comment."

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Food Critic/Blogger Opening at the Houston Press

Categories: Job Opening

Our longtime food critic Katharine Shilcutt is leaving us in a few weeks so ....

The Houston Press has an immediate opening for a fulltime food critic and blogger. We are looking for a critic who can build on the success of our award-winning food coverage. The ideal candidate must:

* Possess the writing/reporting skills to produce stylish, provocative weekly restaurant reviews in print.

* Have strong opinions that the reviewer is prepared to broadcast and defend.

* Enjoy blogging and tweeting about food and restaurants, and understand the potential of those platforms.

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Food Writing Freelancers Wanted for China -- No, Silly, for the Houston Press

Categories: Job Opening

Sometimes, there's a man, well, he's the man for his time and place. He fits right in there. And that's the Dude. Are you our Dude or Lady? Opinions wanted. Inquire within.
The Houston Press is looking for a few more freelance food writers to help our readers navigate the gastronomic layout of the Houston area.

Crucial ingredients: You not only know something about food, but you are willing to interview other people about it. You are alert for trends, keep abreast of restaurant openings and closings, follow what's in or out in popular food tastes and care in some sense about the latest agribusiness breakthrough. You welcome the chance to sort through conflicting information and come up with a true, lively account. Did we mention that we welcome clever writing? Of course it goes without saying that you'll spell names and other words correctly, that your quotes are accurate and that the rules of grammar are not foreign to you. And that you are willing to take direction.

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