Doughmaker Doughnuts Joins Houston's Food Truck Scene

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Photos by Molly Dunn
Doughmaker Doughnuts makes beautiful gourmet creations.
There's a food truck for just about anything in Houston. Burgers and fries? You bet. Cupcakes and sweets? Heck yeah. Mexican food? Of course! Asian food? Absolutely. Mexican-Asian fusion? No doubt. Doughnuts? Not so much.

If there's one thing the Houston mobile dining scene lacks, it's breakfast options. More specifically, doughnuts. But, thanks to Doughmaker Doughnuts, Houstonians have another local place to pick up gourmet offerings for their first meal of the day, or for an early afternoon snack (if the truck has anything left).

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The Modular Food Truck Is Back, Better than Ever

Photo courtesy The Modular Unit
With a new paint job and a menu full of hits, this restaurant on wheels is really going places.
Though incredibly popular and well received by critics, The Modular food truck (actually a trailer) had a surprisingly short run. It opened in 2011, helmed by Joshua Martinez and Lyle Bento. At the time, Martinez was fresh off a stint as general manager of Kata Robata, and Bento was an up-and-coming chef who'd recently left Feast. Bento eventually moved to Underbelly, and Martinez made the slow transition from food-truck owner to restaurant owner when he opened Goro & Gun in early 2013. The move was gradual, with the truck still coming out to play at events every now and then, though Martinez was focusing most of his attention on Goro & Gun. Then one day The Modular returned to the commissary, where it remained for far longer than anyone would have liked.

Now that Goro & Gun is thriving, Martinez doesn't need to be there as frequently, so he's brought The Modular back to life, along with help from Mark Parmley and a motley crew of guest chefs. The trailer, which was previously referred to as the "Tin Can" due to some unfortunate metal siding, has been replaced with a truck that's been completely revamped and now features a bright new paint job by Houston graffiti artist Daniel Anguilu. And it's now called the "Goro & Gun Modular Unit," since it incorporates menu items from both eateries.

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Menchie's to Open First Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Truck in Houston

Photo courtesy Menchie's
Get ready for froyo on-the-go!
If you could picture the perfect food truck festival fare for a hot summer day in Houston, what would it be? My ideal warm-weather food is frozen yogurt, but that's not an option at any food truck in town...yet.

The owners of Houston Menchie's Frozen Yogurt franchises, Andrew Martin and Andy Brantner, also noticed the lack of a froyo food truck and decided to do something about it. Toward the end of this month, Houston will welcome its first self-serve frozen yogurt truck, which will also be one of the few of its kind in the country.

"We opened our first location a few years ago, and the number one question we get asked is, 'Do you have a food truck?'" Brantner says. "We've always wanted to, but we've been busy building our operation."

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First Look at Espresso Rescue: The Coffee Truck

Photo by Molly Dunn
It's not a medical ambulance, it's a coffee ambulance.
With the influx of food trucks to the Houston mobile dining scene, we seem to be missing one type of truck. The city is blessed with numerous trucks that will satisfy the late-night munchies, the sugar cravings in the afternoon and everything else in between, but we don't have enough trucks to jump-start our mornings. I'm talking coffee trucks.

A little more than a month ago, Houston's first coffee truck, Espresso Rescue, rolled into the area, and since then has been offering up caffeinated drinks throughout the day at various food parks. We decided to check out this espresso ambulance and see if its drinks and snacks were up to par with other local coffee establishments. Hint: It surpasses all expectations.

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Food Truck Parks Face Obstacles in Bringing Booze to the Masses

Photo courtesy My Food Park HTX
You can bring your own booze to the park, but vendors can't sell it.
You know what would go perfect with that Shorty Mac from H-Town StrEATS? Or with that Kimchi Koagie from Koagie Hots or something spicy and Cajun from St. John's Fire?

Beer. Beer would go great with food truck fare. I imagine cocktails probably would, too. And I know I want wine with my cupcakes and cookies from our sweet trucks in town.

Of course the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission prohibits roving food trucks to sell any sort of alcohol, because they don't meet the requirements to do so.

According to TABC permitting laws, in order to sell any sort of alcohol -- beer, wine or liquor -- a business must have a Retail Dealer's License. This license authorizes businesses "to sell beer for consumption on or off premises in a lawful container to the ultimate consumer but not for resale. Requires adequate seating area for customers."

So individual food trucks, being mobile and whatnot, can't provide seating for clients, and therefore can't sell booze. But what about food truck parks, which don't go anywhere and generally have ample seating and parking?

That gets a little more tricky. Just ask Liz Hale of My Food Park HTX.

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Pi Pizza Truck Offers Free Pizza for Life, But You'll Have to Get a New Tattoo This Weekend

Photo by Francisco Montes
Show your love for Pi Pizza with some new ink.
"In my head, pizza and tattoos kind of go together."

Looking at Anthony Calleo, the owner and chef at Pi Pizza Truck, it's clear he's not kidding. He has colorful tattoo sleeves on both arms, and lord knows where else he has been inked. And he also loves pizza. He started Pi Pizza Truck two years ago and was initially shocked and humbled by the outpouring of love he received for his top-notch pizza.

"That first year being open was so challenging," Calleo says. "That we made it a year was such a big deal to me. It was really very humbling to me that people were so into what we were doing and being a part of helping me make my dream come true. I wanted to think of a way to say thanks and give back to people who are really supportive of us."

And that's where the tattoos come in.

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Movable Feasts: Food Truck Fridays Coming to the Houston Press, So Get Yourself to Midtown

In case you hadn't heard, we recently moved from the building downtown at the corner of Pease and Milam, where we'd been living for the past 15 years, to a new spot, in Midtown. And in doing so, we've discovered there aren't a lot of lunch options within walking distance of our office or many of the other offices in the neighborhood.

To combat our hunger, and unwillingness to walk a mile for fast food, we're starting a new Friday tradition: Food Truck Fridays!

We want to bring easily accessible and delicious food to the folks living and working in Midtown, and we want to support our great local food trucks, so every Friday we'll host a different truck in front of our office at McGowen and La Branch from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The first Food Truck Friday rolls in on December 6, and we'll be welcoming Koagie Hots to our lot for some cheese steaks, hot dogs and those killer kimchi fries on that day.

Wanna see the full schedule of trucks we have lined up through March?

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Houston Mayoral Candidates Talk Food Trucks, Their Go-To Lunch Spots and Cooking at Home

Photo by
No, no, don't worry. Rick Perry isn't running for mayor. He obviously appreciates good food, though.
In one of the great election movies of our time, Wag the Dog, CIA agent Mr. Young gives some helpful advice about food: "There are two things I know to be true. There's no difference between good flan and bad flan, and there is no war."

Okay, maybe it was more about war than food. And there's definitely such a thing as inferior flan. Whatever. We all know what's important around here, and it's not global warming or war or the economy. It's food!

Clearly I'm joking. Here at Eating Our Words, we understand that not everything is about food. We just kind of wish it was. Talking about food all the time would make things less complicated, and everyone would be fat and happy.

Tuesday, November 5 is election day, and in Houston, the most exciting race is the mayoral battle. While we've been following the debates closely to learn about the candidates' platforms, we haven't heard much talk about the Houston dining scene. So we called the mayoral candidates to discuss their thoughts and feelings about local food.

We were able to get in touch with three of the nine candidates by our deadline, but these three candidates represent the Democratic Party (incumbent Annise Parker), the Republican Party (Eric Dick) and the Green Party (Don Cook). They provide a great political cross-section, and their thoughts on food happen to differ almost as much as their politics.

Note: Before you vote, please take a moment to consider each candidate's goals for the city, and not just his or her favorite restaurant. Though you are more than welcome to consider that as well.

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UPDATE: Police Apprehend Second Suspect in Shooting Death of Taco Truck Owner

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Photo courtesy HCSO
John Ray Aycock, left, was arrested on Oct. 22. Adrian Gomez, right, was arrested on Wednesday, Oct. 30.
UPDATE: The second suspect in the shooting death of Lorenzo Juan Vasquez was apprehended at 5:30 this morning in Madisonville, Texas.

The suspect, Adrian Gomez, was sitting outside of a closed business early in the morning when he attracted the attention of a local police officer. Upon running a background check on Gomez, the officer discovered that he was wanted in Harris County. Gomez was arrested and will be transported to Harris County jail.

He has been charged with capital murder in the October 12 shooting of Vasquez, the owner of El Paraiso Pupusas Tacos Y Mas taco truck, during an attempted robbery.

Police were unable to release an updated mugshot at this time.

The other suspect, John Ray Aycock, was arrested on October 21 and remains in the Harris County jail without bond. He is also charged with capital murder.

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UPDATE: Local Food Truck Owner Shot and Killed During Attempted Robbery

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Photo from Google Maps
Lorenzo Juan Vasquez was shot and killed outside of this gas station in north Houston on October 12.
UPDATE: During the press conference today regarding the shooting death of 53-year-old taco truck owner Lorenzo Juan Vasquez, police revealed new details about the case.

Police confirmed that the suspects attempted to rob the taco truck but did not get away with any money or other items.

In an effort to prevent this sort of incident from happening again, Sheriff Adrian Garcia announced the creation of the Harris County Sheriff's Office Mobile Food Vendors on Patrol Program, which encourages food truck workers to be vigilant and serve as the "eyes and ears" of the police on the streets of Houston.

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