We Found a True New-York-Style Pizzeria in Clear Lake's Slices and Ices

Photo by Brooke Viggiano
You'll find calzones and specialty pizzas by the slice at this authentic NY-style hotspot.
Attention New Yorker's: Clear Lake's Slices and Ices is the real deal when it comes to Italian ices and foldable NY-style pizza by the slice.

As in any good Tri-state pizzeria, you're greeted by a beautiful array of specialty pies and calzones at the counter, with piping hot and fresh pies replenishing the stock throughout the day.

Photo by Brooke Viggiano
Whoever said you couldn't put macaroni on your slice?
Want a grandma-style Sicilian or ricotta-laden white slice? No problem! How about a slice piled with mac and cheese, savory chicken marsala, bbq pulled pork, or chicken Caesar salad? They got it! Of course, there are plenty of traditional pies, like sausage and peppers, pepperoni, and classic cheese, too.

Photo by Brooke Viggiano
Come for the pizza, stay for the Italian ices.
The smooth water ices -- with classic flavors like cherry and chocolate to funky affairs like mint chocolate chip and root beer vanilla swirl -- are just a much welcomed bonus.

But it's really about the pizza here.

The owners, originally from Long Island, flew their chef and partner in from New York to teach them how to perfect the crust...and it's apparent. Bigger than your head, the pies have a thin, crisp crust with just a little bit of tug and chew.

We're suckers for specialty slices, particularly the buffalo chicken and chicken parmesan.

Photo by Brooke Viggiano
You'll be back for the buffalo chicken slice, guaranteed.
On the buffalo slice, you'll find chunks of sautéed chicken tossed in a buttery, spicy hot sauce, shreds of milky mozzarella, fresh herbs, and a generous drizzle of creamy blue cheese. On the chicken parmesan slice, pieces of crispy fried chicken cutlet and sweet, tangy tomato sauce takes the classic cheese slice to a new level.

We suggest a visit if you're a New York area transplant looking for a taste of home...or if you just like delicious things.

Location Info

Slices and Ices

300 W. Bay Area Blvd., Webster, TX

Category: Restaurant

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Is this related to the same Slices and Ices that was on Guadalupe St. and Dean Keaton St. in Austin in front of the University of Texas?  That was a great place.


none of the pics make the pizza look very appetizing.  it looks exactly how bruce_are described it.  it doesn't look very ny to me.

Bruce_Are topcommenter

I got a cheese pizza from them recently.  Liked the sauce and the cheese but the crust wasn't very good.  Dry and leathery.  Maybe I got them on an off day.  But I still liked it enough so that I'll try them again.

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