September Is Hunger Action Month at the Houston Food Bank

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The theme for this September is Hunger Bites, Bite Back.
Every year, the Houston Food Bank attempts to draw attention to and combat hunger in Houston through Hunger Action Month, essentially a call to action to get people involved in the fight.

This year's theme is Hunger Bites, Bite Back, and the Houston Food Bank, along with many local organizations and businesses, is hosting a series of events to raise awareness and funds for the cause.

"The word 'action' drives home an important message," says Brian Greene, president and CEO of Houston Food Bank. "We must do something, not only as a community but as individuals, to eliminate hunger in our communities. People can make a difference by advocating or giving time and energy, sharing information on social media or donating food and funds to help neighbors in need."

Check out the calendar of Hunger Action Month events for September to see how you can get involved.

All month
SNAP Challenge
SNAP is the federal program commonly referred to as "food stamps" that helps people who couldn't otherwise afford to purchase food. The SNAP budget is just under $4 a day or about $28 a week, an amount that sounds difficult to live on. During September, the Houston Food Bank and SNAP are challenging people to attempt to abide by the food stamp guidelines for the entire month to better understand the struggle. The full rundown of guidelines and recipe suggestions can be found online.

Great American Milk Drive
Consider donating at to help hungry Houstonians get some nutritious milk. Enter your local zip code when you make your donation to ensure that our Houston food bank will receive and distribute the milk.

September 16, 6 to 8 p.m.
Happy Hour @ Karbach Brewery
Donate to the food bank and get a free beer! Karbach Brewery has teamed up with the food bank to host the Karbach Happy Hour for Hunger. Donation for admission will be $10, and $8 of each ticket will go to the Houston Food Bank. Did we mention free beer?

September 18, 6 to 9 p.m.
f.r.e.s.h. Happy Hour @ Houston Food Bank
The Houston Food Bank recently formed f.r.e.s.h., a young professionals group to help combat hunger in Houston. Current members and those interested in becoming a part of the philanthropic group should come to the Houston Food Bank's main facility (535 Portwall) for a happy hour mixer on September 18. The mixer also counts as volunteer time.

September 27, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
HungerGame Finale @ Houston Food Bank
The food bank is riffing on the popular young adult books and movies called The Hunger Games to host a competition to help hungry people. The competition started July 7, and through September 17, participants, including churches, school groups, families, corporate groups, fraternities/sororities and many others, volunteer, fundraise and host food drives to see who can produce the most meals for the Houston community. The top performing teams will meet at the food bank on September 27 for a final battle, after which a winning group will be crowned.

The food bank encourages the community to help in other ways, too:

  • "Like" Houston Food Bank on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, @HoustonFoodBank, to get ongoing information on events, promotions and announcements.

  • Update Facebook status to share a hunger fact with friends and colleagues to raise awareness.

  • Volunteer at Houston Food Bank or one of its member agencies.

  • Make a donation! For every $1 donated to Houston Food Bank, they can provide a person with a full day of meals!

For more information on Houston Food Bank and Hunger Action Month, visit

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These are nice charitable gimmicks, akin to throwing a fundraiser for a restaurant worker who is injured, needs hospitalization and has no insurance. But nice as these gestures are, they don't solve the problem.

If anything, we need to fight for a liveable wage (not a minimum wage). We need to fight against the libertarian conservative, now Republican, view that we are a society of creators versus moochers and takers---hence the idea that food stamps are somehow an evil we should eliminate or lessen. 

Inequality is becoming worse and hunger is just one symptom of that. 

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