Aside From the Parking, Pasha Is Perfect

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Photo by Joanna O'Leary
Arnavut Cigeri.
Two of the best Turkish restaurants in Houston, Pasha and Istanbul Grill, are a stone's throw away from each other in Rice Village, yet empirical evidence suggests the latter is more heavily frequented than the former. Perhaps this is because Istanbul Grill is located in the very heart of Rice Village within stumbling distance of many bars, while Pasha is just on the outskirts and dons a comparatively small awning.

This perceived discrepancy in popularity cannot be due to any glaring issues with Pasha's food, which is excellent, and service, almost even better. To enjoy both, as well as the cute domestic interior with decorative tea sets and scarlet hues, however, you do have to survive parking in its cramped lot out back or take your chances on dubious street parking.

For your patience and perseverance, you will be rewarded with a warm greeting from the owner, who will urge you to sit at a table and enjoy a complimentary cup of tea even if you're ordering takeout and (you fear) your post-workout sweatiness and less-than-fresh body odor detracts from the charming atmosphere.

Take the time, if you can, though to linger and eat in either Pasha's upstairs or downstairs dining rooms, both of which boast small tables dressed in white and fastidiously arranged cutlery yet without even the hint of pretension.

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2325 University Blvd., Houston, TX

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It's not bad, but I prefer Nazif's Turkish Grill when I want food that tastes of my native Turkey.

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