Chocolate Wasted Ice Cream & Treats Truck Hits the Houston Streets Friday

Photo courtesy Olivia Luisa Garcia
Chocolate Wasted Ice Cream & Treats will open for business Friday, August 22.
Remember when you were a kid and would hear the jingle of the ice cream truck coming down the street?

Nowadays, we tend to get our ice cream and popsicles from either the grocery store or one of the various ice cream shops around town. Yes, these are great, but what happened to the right to your neighborhood experience that traditional ice cream trucks provided? And again, that jingle?

A new updated version is about to hit the streets of Houston. Susan Sahwani-Garcia, owner of Chocolate Wasted Ice Cream & Treats, originally wanted to open a homemade ice cream mobile eatery, but as she began developing her project and realized how expensive that would be, she decided to start her business as a traditional ice cream truck selling all the classic treats and local products.

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Photo by Joanna O'Leary
Chocolate Wasted Ice Cream & Treats will carry various Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors.
"All of the items are prepackaged items," Sahwani-Garcia says. "It's a lot of the old school ice cream, like the Bomb Pops, but the new twist on it was that it was that I would be able to serve pints, and carry Ben & Jerry's and carry those items that you can't get on a regular ice cream truck, as well as the old-fashioned candy bars that you can't find anymore, like the old-school Whatchamacallits and Astro Pops."

Keeping things local is a priority for Sahwani-Garcia. She grew up in the East End and decided to reach out to La Brisa Popsicle Factory, located on Canal Street.

"They have probably been in business since 1980 and what I like about their product is that it is ice cream, but it is all natural products," Sahwani-Garcia says. "So, that's where I am going to get a lot of my fruits ice cream (with or without milk); the coconut, pineapple, mango, watermelon and [there are] even talks about getting something that might be catered more just to our truck."

In addition to the local products from La Brisa, Sahwani-Garcia will also carry Blue Bell vanilla ice cream cups to pair with Saint Arnold Root Beer. Yes, that means you can get a Saint Arnold Root Beer Float from Chocolate Wasted. Every day the truck goes out, , customers can order the root beer kit, which includes a small cup, straw, spoon, ice cream and root beer.

Sahwani-Garcia has approached other vendors in hopes of carrying their products on the truck as well. She has her eyes on the macaron ice cream sandwiches created by Sweet in CityCentre.

Although the current plan is to sell prepackaged items, Sahwani-Garcia still wants to eventually feature homemade ice cream on the truck, even if it takes some time.

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