Don't Miss This Brunch Starter at Cook & Collins

Photo by Brooke Viggiano
Warning: You'll need some assistance consuming these fries.
The brunch appetizers at Cook & Collins are too good to pass up. And while the world's largest bacon-iced cinnamon bun (seriously, it's bigger than the head of your one friend that has that giant head) is a fantastic way start, we can't get enough of the eatery's overloaded "Red Eye Fries."

Of course, you could always get both...but you better come hungry.

A mountain of crisp and crunchy boardwalk-style fries make the base of the plate for the Red Eye Fries. True to the dish's name, the thick-cut, craggly frites come drenched in a chunky red eye chili. Made with ground buffalo, tomato paste, black coffee, and warm spices -- think chili powder, cumin, allspice and a dash of cinnamon, the chili is rich, earthy, tangy and slightly sweet all at once.

Shreds of sharp white cheddar are blanketed on top before the entire plate gets broiled until the cheese is melted and bubbling.

But this kitchen doesn't stop there. No, Cook & Collins has a few more tricks up their sleeve. A spicy and jam-like dollop of whole grain mustard, oozing sunny-side up egg, and generous splash of citrus-hinted hot sauce finish the dish off.

That way, each bite is crunchy, meaty, velvety, gooey, cheesy, and HOT.

You'll need a fork to dig in, especially so you can try to get a little bit of everything onto each fry. And when you're stuffing your face by the forkful, don't forget: this was only the starter.

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Cook & Collins

2416 Brazos, Houston, TX

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