This Week in Food Blogs: Buttermilk Biscuits & Grilled Oysters

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Photo by Mai Pham
Look at those huge rubs from Killen's Barbecue.
CultureMap Houston: Marene Gustin loves to indulge in fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the summer months. She suggests making a tomato and cucumber sandwich with mayonnaise, black pepper and sea salt stuffed between two slices of chewy sourdough bread; pair it with a glass of Duchman Family Winery Vermentino for a refreshing lunch. And if you loved licking a Creamsicle as a child, you'll love an adult version featuring vanilla ice cream topped with vanilla-flavored vodka, Triple Sec and orange juice.

Zagat Houston: We're halfway through the year, so Marcy de Luna has listed the best things the Zagat Houston crew has eaten over the past six months. Uni-crusted King Crab from Kuu Restaurant was a decadent favorite, while the beef ribs at Killen's Barbecue were so tender, they didn't need any sauce.

Photo by Mai Pham
The sweet corn hushpuppies at Punk's Simple Southern Food were one of Urban Swank's favorite dishes.

Urban Swank: The Urban Swank gals have got "the skinny" on chef Brandi Key's newest endeavor, Punk's Simple Southern Food. The menu features down-home classics of the South, such as pimento cheese, shrimp and grits, sweet corn hushpuppies and pineapple upside down cake. One of the newest additions to the menu includes a biscuit bar where diners can choose from four biscuit combinations. How about a biscuit stuffed with crispy chicken tenders, pickles and Punk's sauce? Or a tender buttermilk biscuit smothered in crawfish étouffée?

Gastronaut: Next Monday, you want to get this meal at BRC Gastropub. Katharine Shilcutt writes about the pub burger with Cheddar cheese, lettuce, bacon, tomatoes and a "special sauce" that normally costs $14, but on Mondays it's just $9 -- and it comes with fries. Get this juicy burger during lunch or dinner and pair it with a $3 pint of draft beer after 2 p.m. Discounted burgers and beer make Mondays so much better.

The Pancake Princess: More times than not, you can recreate a restaurant dish at home for less. But, that's not the case with macarons - almond flour is pricey! However, Erika decided to use flax seed instead of almond flour when making her homemade French cookies. And even though she didn't follow the steps to a T, her "macarons" came out great.

Hank On Food: Hank checked out the happy hour menu at Liberty Kitchen Oysterette this past week and found excellently-priced appetizers paired with wine. The summer offerings (available through August) include smoked salmon with cucumber noodles, lemon crème fraiche and a dill vinaigrette paired with the sweet and tart Vera Vinho Verdes; grilled oysters paired with a sparkling Domaine Saint Vincent Brut; and sushi-shaped ribeye paired with Tilia Merlot.

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947 Gessner Rd, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Killen's Barbecue

3613 E Broadway, Pearland, TX

Category: Restaurant

Punk's Simple Southern

5212 Morningside, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

BRC Gastropub

519 Shepherd, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette

4224 San Felipe St., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

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Punks is an overpriced Black-Eyed Pea or Mikki's Soul Food. Urban Swank is urban clueless. 


@dhester If you think you can fairly compare Punk's to a Mikki's Soul Food then you are the one that should claim that label (clueless). Punk's is not a soul food restaurant and doesn't claim to be. They aren't even in the same lane! As far as Black Eyed Pea is concerned...I have no words. If that is your go to spot, you need to get out more. If you are going to come for us, at least have a decent comparison for a compelling argument.

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