The 5 Best Hidden Restaurant Gems in Galveston

Photo courtesy Las Molcas
The mole at Las Molcas is velvety smooth, but more of a fall dish than a summer one.
4. Los Molcas
The little Tex-Mex and seafood restaurant near Greens Bayou in Galveston combines the two types of food we do best on the Texas Gulf Coast. Los Molcas opened in September 2013, and though it's still not well known, it's one of the best spots for Tex-Mex on the island. The fluffy flour tortillas are made in-house, and the seafood is fresh and served in huge portions. There are even some fusion-type pasta dishes for those who might not be in the mood for Mexican, as well as a daily $7.95 lunch special featuring far more food than any one person should eat on his own. Everything tends to be fairly heavy (but not greasy) here, including the seafood options, many of which are drenched in a cheesy cream sauce. Not that we're complaining! Also note: The restaurant is BYOB, and there's no cork fee.

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Whether you want fried seafood, Italian fare or migas, Mike's kind of does it all.
3. Mike's Little Supermarket & Deli
We love a restaurant that serves other purposes as well (See Variadades El Salvador from a previous Hidden Gems post), so of course, a deli inside a convenience store is right up our alley. Previously Luke's Supermarket and Deli, the space shut down for several years after Hurricane Ike. It's back up and running today, though, and there's something incredibly charming about getting great sandwiches, gyros and Italian food from a popular island chef (Nic Notarnicola) and not having to stop somewhere else on the way home for toilet paper and dog food. If that's not a selling point for people who prefer their restaurants to be, well, just restaurants, stop in bright and early for a breakfast burrito that will surely change your mind.

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We tried Los Molcas tonight and it was delicious!  We'll definitely be going again.


The Stork Club at 21st and Post Office, our crew's go-to place during Dickens on the Strand.  Food is great, prices are great, the walk from The Strand is short but picturesque.

Imhotep Taylor
Imhotep Taylor

No Shrimp N Stuff? Who made this ridiculous list?

Christopher Flores
Christopher Flores

Cool! A list that doesn't have any of the shitty Fertita restaurants in it.

Kayla G
Kayla G

Thanks, I have seen this. Mercaditos is on their Cameron Babek

gossamersixteen topcommenter

So I guess Mario's pizza isn't underrated enough? That place is awesome incarnate.

Ryan Musser
Ryan Musser

It's like you guys went on Yelp and said "hey let's just pick 5 random spots, and go heavy on the Tex Mex for that Galveston article." What a joke!!!

Khloe Morris
Khloe Morris

Why can't you format tour website so its not a click-through. Ridiculous.

Cody Ford
Cody Ford

That's the list of a staggering drunk trying to sober up. Jack's pub? You've got to be kidding me. This "list thing" is getting out of hand, and a waste of time.


No Galveston hidden gem list is complete without including Sonny's Place!

Bruce_Are topcommenter


I went there for the first time a month or so ago. They heat up shit in the microwave.

KaitlinS topcommenter

@bhoward1 Sonny's Place is great, but I think it's pretty well known. I wouldn't really consider it hidden, but it's a gem for sure!

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