The Olajuwon at Kahn's Deli Is A Slam Dunk

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Photo by Joanna O'Leary
Sandwich refuses to be halved, so protein heavy is the interior.

Although Kahn's Delicatessen has been serving sizable "real sandwiches" to the Houston community since 1945, the restaurant is often overlooked in favor of powerhouse delis such as Kenny & Ziggy's. H-towners should spread the love to Kahn's, which also knows a thing or two about what to put between two slices of bread.

Among its old-school sandwich offerings is the "Olajuwon," a true submarine of a sandwich containing corned beef, knockwurst, swiss and cheddar cheeses, sauerkraut and dressed with spicy mustard and housemade Russian dressing. The Olajuwon is so named, one assumes, for the famous former Rockets star, and given that it boasts a full pound of meat (thereby making it appropriate fuel for 6'10" center), its name is fitting. Except, however, if the knockwurst used is made with pork, verboten for devout Muslims such as Olajuwon. Anyhoo.

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Kahn's Delicatessen

2429 Rice Blvd., Houston, TX

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You might have mentioned that there are no Kahns at Kahn's Deli. 

The family business that graced Houston since '45 with great deli items, was sold years ago to a group that slouches and lurches from day to day with occasional goodies like the sandwich you describe.

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