Susie Jimenez Announces Trenza Will Close Saturday, July 12

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Susie Jimenez announced Trenza will close Saturday, July 12.
In a surprising turn of events, Susie Jimenez, owner and chef at Trenza, has announced that her West AVE restaurant's last service will be Saturday, July 12. The Houston Press received this statement from Jimenez:

"It's with great regret that I am announcing the closing of Trenza at West AVE. Our last service at this location will be on Saturday night and will be followed by a private liquidation of our wine cellar next Friday. After a careful review of our operations since our open, we had to make the difficult decision as a team to cease operations.

"In the last year, my team has become my second family and Houston has become my second home, and a place that I will never forget for welcoming me with open arms. I am indebted to so many people here for giving me an opportunity to grow in my craft, and I appreciate all that I have learned along the way. It's hard for me to say goodbye to my newly adopted home town of Houston. I wanted to also express my thanks for our regular customers and all of those who supported us over the past year.

"Through the remainder of the weekend, all wine and cocktails will be 50% off, and all remaining food inventory will be donated to a local food bank. For details on next week's cellar event and for weekend reservations, please call 713-526-1414."

Jimenez opened Trenza in November of 2013 and received many mixed reviews. Trenza joins the list of recent Kirby/West Avenue restaurants to shutter. Rumors have circulated that the Latin/Mexican/Indian fusion place was bound to close.

Jimenez was featured in this week's Chef Chat, in which she addressed the gossip.

Jimenez told Phaedra Cook that she understood her restaurant would take some time to succeed; she did not reveal any information about closing Trenza.

"Some places can open the doors and be automatic hits. Trenza is not a common Tex-Mex restaurant or an Asian restaurant. I've got a really different menu, and it's going to take time for people to catch on. I didn't expect that in two months I was going to be making money like "Ka-ching! Ka-ching!" It's going take awhile," Jimenez said in part two of this week's Chef Chat. "I'm not going to worry about the rumors, even though they are hurtful. People listen to social media. It's the world we live in right now. My employees show up to work every day and do the best job they know how to do, whether we have 100 people or just a few. We can only do the best we can on our end. I didn't sign a 10-year lease or pick up and leave a successful catering business, move from Colorado, leave my husband for Trenza to not succeed. I came here to work my little ass off and make sure it does. People can just hold on to that rumor for a bit. We've got a ways to go before we're going to give up."

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Susie Jiminez and Sonny Sachdeva have closed the restaurant, and have stiffed the vendors they owe.


gossamersixteen topcommenter

Left your husband and Colorado, bad karma has a funny way of catching up to you. Telling stories (dare I say lies)  to major local publications doesn't lend much in the way of consumer confidence either.

Richard Cerda
Richard Cerda

I never heard of it but by reading the description, it sounds like a place I would've tried out. Then again if it was really fantastic word of mouth would've solved this marketing problem. Tough break, for every "follow your passion" success story there are 3 dozen Trenza stories.

Jo Evins
Jo Evins

Goodnight sweet princ... Err never heard of it

Ben Boven
Ben Boven

So a place no one has ever heard of is closing? That's the kind of nose to the ground media I've come to expect from HP.


Not surprising at all. The food sucked. The service sucked. 

Her "celebrity" status is what did her in. On our final visit to Trenza she was parading around, smiling, entertaining a table of friends, while crappy food was being cooked and delivered to our table. She wasted a great opportunity, and no matter how many tables her next restaurant has it will fail if she continues such behavior.

Eric Sandler, on KulchurMap, wrote the following about Jimenez:

"Perhaps by slimming down and applying the lessons she learned from this experience Jimenez could be successful. Hopefully she gets that chance."

She wasted her opportunity.

And by the way, Houston Press, is it "Susie" or "Suzie"?


Hopefully they have the decency to pay the vendors they owe.

We will see and get back to you.


@gossamersixteen What are you getting at exactly? Calling out someone for lying is pretty serious, especially when you imply she's lied to several publications to further her career and reputation. Hint, or something more?


@gossamersixteen I don't think she meant left him, like farewell forever, just that it was a temporary leave of absence from her hubby in a guy leaving his family to be an engineer in Iraq during the a good opportunity with some amount of sacrifice.


No. Word of mouth is slow.

And it's a little faster if the word of mouth is bad.

Anyway, today's word of mouth is social media, and she wasn't doing it right.



What? Like it's one strike and you're out? You're a bundle of joy.

And it's Susie, as is written, Edith...I mean, Htownsexymama.

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