Snap Kitchen Opens Downtown Location & Offers Light, Tasty Meals

Photo by Molly Dunn
Snap Kitchen offers a salad trio of Thai chicken salad, mustard egg salad and smoked salmon salad with gluten-free crackers.
Snap Kitchen opened its newest location downtown Monday at 1200 McKinney in The Shops at Houston Center and the surprise was with all that emphasis on health, its food tastes really good.

The Houston Press received a sampling of the various menu items available and just about every meal resonated well with our staff, especially the grab-and-go salads.

Photo by Molly Dunn
The chicken Caesar salad comes with pita chips and dressing on the side.
Snap Kitchen brought us a Grilled Scottish Salmon Salad complete with cucumbers, green onions, citrus-cured jicama, green apples, orange slices, candied walnuts and lemon agave vinaigrette (550 calories); a Chicken Caesar Salad (330 calories without chicken) included toasted pita chips and Parmesan cheese; a Greek Shrimp Salad (300 calories without shrimp) had cucumbers, red peppers, tomatoes, green onions, olives, capers, Feta cheese and Greek vinaigrette; as well as an Asian Chicken Salad (320 calories) with cabbage, carrots, edamame, red peppers, radishes, peanut sauce and sesame ginger vinaigrette.

Each salad is packaged with some toppings and the dressing in separate containers, allowing you to add the amount you want. Most salads are under $10, with the exception of the salmon salad ($10.25) and Ahi tuna nicoise ($10.75).

But Snap Kitchen doesn't just rely on salads and other typical "healthy" foods to create a diet-friendly menu. For lunch and dinner, customers can grab microwavable entrees like chicken and green chile enchiladas (360 calories) or grilled kale with brown Spanish rice, black beans, pumpkin seeds and roasted sweet potatoes coming in at just 260 calories.

Other favorites include Snap Kitchen's rendition of deviled eggs made with jalapeno hummus instead of the full-fat version with egg yolks and mayonnaise -- one order of these (4 halves) is 100 calories.

Photo by Molly Dunn
Enjoy a bottle of spicy juice for an afternoon snack or a sweet milkshake for dinner.

Snap Kitchen also offers cold-pressed juices and protein shakes; we received the Snap Clean Start kit where a customer drinks a certain juice or shake at a specific time of the day in order to jump-start a healthier lifestyle. Some drinks are sweet, like the Carrot Ginger Elixir meant to be a mid-afternoon snack or the Chai Cashew Milkshake; and some are spicy like the Spicy Basil Lemonade complete with cayenne pepper.

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