Rum at H-E-B -- Who Knew?

Photo by Joanna O'Leary
"Rum" at HEB.
Houston does not adhere to the same liquor laws as New Orleans, where even pet stores are allowed to sell hard alcohol. Nor does Houston adhere to the same liquor laws Philadelphia, where no booze at all is vended in grocery stores and beer is sold in establishments separate from state-run wine and liquor stores.

With beer and wine available for sale at most grocery stores and harder stuff on offer at Spec's, we are smack dab in the middle.

Well, actually, maybe a little more to the liberal NOLA side now that H-E-B is carrying Rhumbero, a "premium blend" rum.

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1701 W. Alabama St., Houston, TX

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Just curious, is the law prohibiting the sale of liquor in grocery stores dictated by the ABV? I know nothing about this so excuse my ignorance. 


I just saw it @ HEB this past sunday, but decided to not buy it. I don't like white rum. This is bizarre. The only reason HEB can sell it @ all, is because it isn't liquor. They cannot sell liquor, but can sell this, because it isn't really liquor. Ergo, they should be able to sell it anytime they can sell wine or beer.

BTW, Joanna, it is 'Planter's Punch'--not 'Plater's'.


Regardless if they have it at HEB, they won't sell it to you on Sunday.  It's programmed to not scan through the register at check-out.  It's the same way with Port, which is also sold at HEB and Kroger, because the alcohol content is too high.  Did you do any actual research on this prior to writing?

Wade Woodard
Wade Woodard

Who would buy this stuff?  Maybe if you are desperate on a Sunday when real liquor stores are closed?  This is a wine based product; the same company also makes a complete line of wine based hard liquor substitutes including fake agave spirit - Tequesta.  

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