Burger Report: Cottonwood's Bleu Cheese Burger

Photo by Brooke Viggiano
There's a lot going on in this burger...and we love it all.
Though Cottonwood is known mostly as craft beer bar, it has some serious burger game. And while we've already waxed poetic about their poblano-and-fried-egg-laden Squirrel Master Burger -- it even made our critic's 100 Favorite Dishes of 2013 -- that doesn't mean the other burgers aren't just as good.

The Bleu Cheese Stuffed Burger ($10), for example, is ridiculously just as good. And it all starts with the patty.

Hand-formed with 100 percent Angus beef, the plump burger is stuffed with stinky bleu cheese before being seared until crisp and charred on the outside and pink and moist in the middle.

The stuffing works in two big ways. First, the bold, crumbly cheese brings a strong punch of flavor. And second, once melted, the cheese turns molten and velvety. That means creamy bleu oozes out alongside the burger juice, keeping each and every bite super moist and dreamy. It's a combination that'd be enough as is, but Cottonwood takes things a few step further.

Photo by Brooke Viggiano
How the bun manages to hold all of this goodness is one of the world's greatest mysteries.
A chubby layer of sweet, salty bacon jam sits below the patty, while an even chubbier layer of incredibly crunchy, boldly seasoned onion strings sits on top. Somehow, the fluffy, lightly griddled bun -- smeared with a bit of mayo for good measure -- is able to hold it all together.

The pickle spear and generous pile of board-walk style fries -- crisp and wiggly with flecks of sea salt sprinkled throughout -- make the perfect companions to one fantastic burger.

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3422 N. Shepherd Drive, Houston, TX

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One of the best burger spots in Houston!  Cheers to Eating More Burgers!

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