5 Best Chocolate Ice Cream Flavor Variations to Try

It's yours for the taking at the grocery store
What's better than chocolate ice cream? [For the love of god, don't say "vanilla ice cream."] Chocolate ice cream mixed with other goodies! If you're looking for a little crunchy, chewy, salty, or sweet variation in your cocoa creams, check out these five flavors:

5. Double Fudge Brownie (Dreyer's).

Craving a brownie sundae but don't have the energy to go through that labor-intensive process of constructing one yourself? Pick up a half-gallon of Dreyer's chocolate ice cream studded with soft chunks of brownie and fudge swirls.

4. Chocolate Therapy (Ben & Jerry's).

Although B&J's "plain" chocolate ice cream is relatively mild and therefore unsatisfying to the true chocoholic, their version mixed with chocolate cookies and chocolate pudding sufficiently amps the cocoa factor. That doesn't mean, however, you can't add top your bowl with some hot fudge.

3. Chocolate Peanut Butter (Blue Bell).

Depending on how you scoop, you might just end up with more peanut butter than chocolate, so ample are the thick ribbons of creamy nut. The love affair between chocolate and peanut in this ice cream so intense, you may need to take a break before finishing off that pint.

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Breyers is NOT ice cream. So, it is lower in fat. It is a Frozen Dairy Dessert because to be ice cream, it would require a higher fat content.

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