The Ten Summer Openings We're Most Excited About

Photo courtesy JINYA Ramen
Of course we need more ramen in Houston!
JINYA Ramen may be a chain, but it's expanding quickly for a reason. The California-based eatery was originally supposed to debut in Midtown in March or April, but it's now set to start dishing up ramen this summer. Like the as yet unnamed Azuma concept, JINYA Ramen will be part izakaya, featuring items like tempura brussels sprouts and pork dumplings in addition to nearly a dozen varieties of ramen. Based on reviews of some of the other locations in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle and Las Vegas, Houstonians have a lot to look forward to. LA Times restaurant critic Jonathan Gold even named JINYA Ramen one of the top ten ramen restaurants in the greater Los Angeles area, and that city's been on the ramen trend far longer than we have.

Julep co-owner Alba Huerta recently chatted with us about the upcoming southern cocktail bar, for which she created all the cocktails based upon old recipes from magazines. The bar will open in the next two to three weeks in the Washington Corridor, and with the Clumsy Butcher name behind it (the group responsible for Anvil and the Pastry War), it's sure to be a popular destination the moment it starts slinging mint juleps. In an ode to ice, which revolutionized eating and drinking in the deep south more than 100 years ago, the bar will also feature a menu of fresh, raw seafood prepared by Adam Garcia, formerly of Revival Market & The Pass and Provisions.

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Location Info

Bernie's Burger Bus

5407 Bellaire Blvd, Bellaire, TX

Category: Restaurant

The Honeymoon Cafe & Bar

300 Main St., Houston, TX

Category: Music


1333 Old Spanish Trail, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant


1919 Washington Ave., Houston, TX

Category: Music

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Alexis Bradford
Alexis Bradford

Rod oooo Glazed and hugs and doughnuts sounds delicious... I'm excited about these new places

Bruce_Are topcommenter

I wish them well, but I wonder how Bernie's is going to avoid becoming another Burger Guys.


I'm looking forward to every one of these to open. An employee at Bernie's Burger Bus Stop informed me that the doors may open this week, next week at the latest. I hope so. I think Glazed will do well but I'm really anticipating Hugs & Donuts. If the menu H-Town Streats offered is any indication, I'm sure the donuts and kolaches will be received well. 

I'm excited for BCN Taste & Tradition, the Spanish restaurant opening this summer supposedly off Richmond Ave. I was hoping Cowboy Surfers and the other FeedTX concept would be ready this summer but I am guessing much of the focus is on the Liberty Kitchen set to open this summer in Austin.


@Bruce_Are  I never had a chance to visit the Burger Guys in downtown (I was planning to go a week after they had just closed) but I heard great things about it. What exactly is wrong with Burger Guys? Just curious.

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