The 10 Best Local Foodies to Follow on Instagram

David Leftwich's Instagram account is a thing of beauty.
It's not yet officially in the dictionary along with selfie, crowdfunding and turducken, but food porn is definitely a real thing.

I need only to pull up Instagram on my phone to start drooling over my friends' photos of fresh, local produce; croissants at Common Bond; and burgers galore. While many local businesses have totally drool-worthy Instagram accounts, I prefer the personal ones not necessarily tied to any restaurant. I like to see what Houstonians are eating.

Here are some of my favorite folks to fawn over.

Albert Nurick
Nurick is a local programmer and web designer who also runs the blog H-Town Chow Down. Check out his feed for lots of burgers.

Ben Rabbani
Rabbani was most recently at El Big Bad, but be parted ways with the gastrocantina in April and is now cooking at the Flying Saucer in Sugar Land. On his own time, he does a lot of foraging and gardening, which he documents on Instagram.

David Leftwich
Local writer Leftwich is currently the editor of Sugar & Rice magazine, and damn he takes some pretty pictures.

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you need to go see the hit movie FED UP - now in theatres starring Katie Couric because sugar is ANTI-FOODIE. all these sugar references are to junk food causing disease, not for foodieism. sugarfairy?? definitely not a foodie. foodies eat lite, local and fresh. nothing processed like refined sugar. in Fed Up, it demonstrates how sugar is the main nutrient for cancer cells. especially children's cancer cells. our society is a victim of the $1 trillion sugar lobby, that will probably reply to this post with lies about how sugar is fine and everyone in Texas is skinny ha ha

Kelli Walker
Kelli Walker

I'm not on this list therefore I denounce it! Jk but really, check me out.

Nicholas Dion
Nicholas Dion

You need to include the following account next time: FOODSURFWINE


Thanks this is great, and I was wondering what happened to Ms Shilcutt; looks like she's still in the food game as least part time, when not working at the post office.


@KaitlinS @hgriffin

I thought she left after Robb Walsh and the others left the magazine. Are they still publishing? CultureMap hinted they had gone the way of the dodo.

kshilcutt editor

@Chalfont @KaitlinS @hgriffin Lame attempt at trolling. Robb hasn't left; he is still our food critic. No one else has left, either.

Also: WAFFLES IS FAMOUS!!! She will be so thrilled. She might even not glare at me for a change.

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