The 5 Best Hidden Restaurant Gems in Katy

Photo by Kaitlin Steinberg
A pabellón arepa at Budare Arepa Express.
4. Budare Arepa Express
Billed as a Venezuelan fast food restaurant, Budare Arepa Express isn't the most speedy arepa counter out there, but the maize cakes filled with meat, beans and cheese are legit. The owner suggested I try the "No. 11," called pabellón. It's a perfectly browned and crisped arepa about the size of a hamburger bun filled with seasoned shredded beef, black beans, crumbly queso fresco and sweet fried plantains. Venezuelan food isn't very spicy, but the shredded beef has a great flavor from stewing for hours in spices. One arepa is pretty filling, but once you taste one, it's difficult not to go back for more.

Photo by Shan Pin K.
Even the breakfasts at Deli's Cafe are worth the drive.
3. Deli's Cafe
I was surprised to find quite a lot of Venezuelan food in Katy, all of it very good. Like Budare Arepa Express, Deli's Cafe makes more than a dozen varieties of arepa (including another great pabellón), but it also offers empanadas, hamburgers and larger lunch plates with grilled chicken or roasted pork. You can't go wrong with any of the arepas, but the cachapas are the true stars. Cachapas are corn cakes filled with cheese (like quesadillas, only with a corn pancake instead of a tortilla), and at Deli's, you can get one stuffed with roasted pork and queso a mano--handmade cheese. Deli's also makes incredible criollo salsa that I put on pretty much everything I ate there. Oh, yeah, and all of this wonderful Venezuelan food is located inside an Exxon station. The hours are strange (open for breakfast, but closed anywhere from 3 to 5 p.m.) so call ahead. It's worth it.

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Location Info

Thee Trini Hut

19202 Clay Rd, Katy, TX

Category: Restaurant

Budare Arepa Express

402 W. Grand Parkway S, Katy, TX

Category: Restaurant

Deli's Cafe

2950 S Mason Rd, Katy, TX

Category: Restaurant

El Norteno Pollos Asados

2900 Katy Hockley, Katy, TX

Category: Restaurant

Super Pollo Latin Grill & Bar

1109 S. Mason Rd, Katy, TX

Category: Restaurant

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Coulda told you about Carl's The Trini Hut--& I live in Montrose. Another great one, on the other side of our planet, is D'Caribbean Curry Spot---in Pearland. That cachapa sounds almost identical to a Salvadoran pupusa.


Oh darlin, you're on the right track. Here some I like, call me next time:

Alsafa...Middle Eastern


Curry Walah...Indian




...and no idea what Kathy is referring to below about standout Viet....Pho Saigon?

Eating Our Words: The Houston Press Food Blog
Eating Our Words: The Houston Press Food Blog

I did consult locals. Some of these places were their suggestions. But I was also looking for places that many people might not know about, not the popular spots. That's kind of the point of the article.

Kathy Stabe
Kathy Stabe

But you missed two of the best restaurants in Katy. Ever think of consulting a local instead of just wandering around randomly? Some of the best Vietnamese I've ever had in my life is in Katy.

Kathy Stabe
Kathy Stabe

Katy has tons of restaurants. Not a wasteland at all.

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