The 5 Best Hidden Restaurant Gems in Katy

Photo by Kaitlin Steinberg
Check out the big blue bus at our No. 2 pick!
When I mentioned to a few friends that I was spending a lot of time recently exploring good ol' Katy, Texas, I got the same response over and over:

"Katy? Oh. I'm sorry."

Initially I was sorry too. The rush hour drive in a car without air conditioning in June was my own fault. The veritable restaurant wasteland (save for a few chain spots along I-10) that greeted me on my drive in seemed foreboding. Other than a handful of great, well-established eateries, what could Katy have to offer?

Exploring a little, I actually found plenty. I silenced the naysayers by texting them photos of my unexpectedly delicious meals and was met not with apologies this time, but with intrigue.

"I want that. Where is that? Surely not Katy..."

Yep, I found all this great ethnic food in Katy. Now get out there and do some exploring!

Photo by Chris Frankel
My dining buddy Chris Frankel turned me on to Thee Trini Hut, and I'm mighty glad he did.
5. Thee Trini Hut
Caribbean curries and stews are surprisingly refreshing during the heat of the summer, perhaps because they were invented on hot, humid islands. The spice of the food causes your internal body temperature to rise, producing sweat, which ultimately cools you off. It's called gustatory facial sweating. This is all just a fancy way of saying that the spicy goat curry, shrimp curry and saltfish are a great summer food option in Katy. The restaurant itself is small and unassuming (and virtually always empty), but the food is true to Trinidad, and the servers are more than willing to help you choose what you want from the rather large menu. For beginners, try the boneless chicken curry and a beef pattie as a way to ease into the regional cuisine.

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Location Info

Thee Trini Hut

19202 Clay Rd, Katy, TX

Category: Restaurant

Budare Arepa Express

402 W. Grand Parkway S, Katy, TX

Category: Restaurant

Deli's Cafe

2950 S Mason Rd, Katy, TX

Category: Restaurant

El Norteno Pollos Asados

2900 Katy Hockley, Katy, TX

Category: Restaurant

Super Pollo Latin Grill & Bar

1109 S. Mason Rd, Katy, TX

Category: Restaurant

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Coulda told you about Carl's The Trini Hut--& I live in Montrose. Another great one, on the other side of our planet, is D'Caribbean Curry Spot---in Pearland. That cachapa sounds almost identical to a Salvadoran pupusa.


Oh darlin, you're on the right track. Here some I like, call me next time:

Alsafa...Middle Eastern


Curry Walah...Indian




...and no idea what Kathy is referring to below about standout Viet....Pho Saigon?

Eating Our Words: The Houston Press Food Blog
Eating Our Words: The Houston Press Food Blog

I did consult locals. Some of these places were their suggestions. But I was also looking for places that many people might not know about, not the popular spots. That's kind of the point of the article.

Kathy Stabe
Kathy Stabe

But you missed two of the best restaurants in Katy. Ever think of consulting a local instead of just wandering around randomly? Some of the best Vietnamese I've ever had in my life is in Katy.

Kathy Stabe
Kathy Stabe

Katy has tons of restaurants. Not a wasteland at all.

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