The Best Houston Beers for Summer

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The sun is brutal and the air is thick and humid, and there's only one way to combat the Houston summer slump: Cold beer.

Fortunately, there are a number of breweries in our fair city, each of which has devised a special summer beer for the season. Some of them are released every year as soon as the days start getting longer. Others are small batch, limited edition brews intended to be as fleeting and lovely as a summer romance.

We tasted beers from each of Houston's six breweries and determined which libations are best to carry you through the summer and into fall. There are lots of hops, a little malt and more citrus than Carmen Miranda's headwear. Oh yeah, and there's also mint, hibiscus and Sour Patch Kids.

What can we say? Houston is full of creative brewers.

Photo by Kaitlin Steinberg
The Summer Wit from Buffalo Bayou was made for Houston summers.
8th Wonder
Dome Faux'm Throwback Cream Ale

Ah, the Dome. Many local businesses have paid tribute in one way or another, and this beer is a collaborative ode between 8th Wonder Brewery and Moon Tower Inn. The brewers at 8th Wonder call this a "pre-Prohibition-style cream ale, similar to a pale lager. The idea was to create a mild, easy drinking beer reminiscent of what used to be sold at the Astrodome (you know, the mainstream light crap) only way better. The hops are understated for a crisp brew that you can drink all day long. It's available now at Moon Tower Inn and at 8th Wonder Brewery, where you can also try the summer beer that I find most intriguing: H8erade, the Intellectuale Witty Blonde brewed with Sour Patch Kids.

Buffalo Bayou
Summer's Wit

The tagline for this beer is "Real men drink pink." While you can see by the photo that it isn't exactly pink, it is brewed with pink hibiscus flowers. The folks over at Buffalo Bayou decided to riff on a classic Belgian Witbier for their summer Secessionist brew with the addition of the hibiscus as well as coriander, ginger and orange peel. The result is a fruity beer with mild hops and a very dry finish. This year's is lacking the heat that last year's Summer's Wit had (thanks to pink peppercorns), but the orange peel keeps it bitter and citrusy, perfect for chillin' by the pool when you want something a little more dynamic than the average Witbier.

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Location Info


Southern Star Brewing Company

1207 N FM 3083 Rd E, Conroe, TX

Category: General

Saint Arnold Brewery

2000 Lyons Ave., Houston, TX

Category: General

No Label Brewery

5351 1st St., Katy, TX

Category: General

Karbach Brewing Co.

2032 Karbach St., Houston, TX

Category: General

Buffalo Bayou Brewery

5301 Nolda St., Houston, TX

Category: General

8th Wonder Brewery

2202 Dallas St., Houston, TX

Category: General

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erichenao topcommenter

Personally I find the hoppyness of Hop Delusion too strong for my summer palate. Prefer the Weekend Warrior Pale Ale. Also I find the new Boiler Room brew from Saint Arnold to amazingly refreshing. Another plus is that it's low abv so you can drink it all day long…

I might be a good addition to the article to add ABV's to the beers. Hot sun and high ABV's are not always a good mix…

Didn't know about the Valkyrie IPA. Will have to check that one out.

Finally - did you check out Fort bend Brewery? Ive only had their Thunder Stout which was excellent, but have been wanting to try their others.


Karbach's Summer Love Kolsch-style ale is far and away the best damn beer made in this region and is perfect for the heat. It saddens me to hear that the brewery will soon stop production of it because it was intended to be seasonal. I have seen people from my hometown that would normally drink Bud or Coors drinking Summer Love by the case full. It's the beer that is truly competing with the big brewers and I'm an unabashed fan of it myself. I won't mow the yard before making sure I've got a twelve pack in the fridge. 

Bruce_Are topcommenter


I bought a six-pack of Fort Bend IPA and they were all gushers--infected I presume.  I assume they've got that worked out.

KaitlinS topcommenter

@erichenao Fort Bend makes some great beers, as does Texian. They just didn't make the list this time. Perhaps in the fall...

And that's a good suggestion about the ABVs. I'll keep that in mind for the future. Thanks!

KaitlinS topcommenter

@Anse I love that one too! I was trying to showcase some seasonal beers that people might not have tried before--most of them a little darker than you might be accustomed to for summer. But yeah, I have the Love Street Summer in my fridge right now too! :)

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