Saint Arnold Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary: Beef, Bands and Lots of Brews

Photo by Kaitlin Steinberg
The bands played on the loading dock below the decorative silos.
It was a hot and steamy evening this past Saturday as crowds gathered to party at the Saint Arnold brewery and taste the new 20th Anniversary Ale, but the temperatures didn't stop folks from dancing the night away in front of the festive loading dock. Of course, all the cold beer that was flowing probably didn't hurt either.

The event sold out before it began on Saturday, the crowds drawn by the promise of tasting the new, limited edition beer and the music of Sideshow Tramps, The Niceguys, The Suffers and Hayes Carll. All guests also got a full dinner from Goode Co. BBQ and a pretty sweet souvenir 20th anniversary tasting glass.

Photo by Barbra Riley
A Saint Arnold employee shows off the new anniversary ale.
Most of the regular Saint Arnold lineup was available for tasting up in the beer hall and at stands scattered outside the brewery, but the star of the show was the 20th Anniversary Barleywine Ale, a dark, malty beer with notes of citrus and caramel. The beer made its debut on Saturday, but it will be available around town starting today.

The website describes the 20th Anniversary Ale as demonstrative of the Saint Arnold beer philosophy: "balance, love of malt, a generous but not palate wrecking amount of hops, and last but not least, a showcase of the house yeast. The determined goal: an elegant, complex barleywine." Oh, and it's 11 percent ABV. Yeah, the stuff packs a punch.

Beginning today, it will be available in 22-ounce bomber bottles and on tap at bars around town and, of course, at the midtown Spec's, where representatives from the brewery will be sampling the product between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. A number of other places will be getting deliveries today, including Flying Saucer (downtown and Sugar Land), The Hay Merchant, Woodrow's in Midtown, Petrol Station, Cottonwood, Baker St., Sherlock's, Local Pour, City Oven, Star Pizza (Norfolk & Washington), Richmond Arms, King's Head Pub and The Stag's Head. For a full list of other release dates and events, check out the website.

Congrats to Saint Arnold, the oldest (continually operating) brewery in Texas on a great party and an even better celebratory brew. Cheers to 20 more years!

Location Info

Saint Arnold Brewery

2000 Lyons Ave., Houston, TX

Category: General

Goode Co. Texas Bar-B-Q

5109 Kirby, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

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"Oldest (continually operating) brewery in Texas?" I don't think so. Shiner has been putting out beer since 1909. They even stayed open during Prohibition. Kaitlin Steinberg, don't let St. Arnold's PR guy do your research for you. 


That big band that played is called *The Suffers. The barleywine was amazing.


Decent beer, and Houston pioneers, but did they ever get that restaurant open? Remember they talked about doing lunch or dinner way back


@lichenwatcher They've been serving food at the brewery for quite some time (I think a year or more).  Lunch every day during the week.

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