Openings & Closings: Juice & Crepes Come to Washington Avenue

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The State Bar & Lounge inside the Rice Hotel closed last week, but Swamplot reports a new tenant will be taking over the space soon, Lawless Kitchen and Spirits. This new bar will offer cocktails alongside a "chef-driven" menu; it will also be designed to reflect the history of the Rice Hotel, which used to be the Capitol of the Republic of Texas.

In February of this year, Downing Street Pub decided to eliminate the cigar smoking privilege it gave to its customers. CultureMap reports this week that the bar appears to be closed. One employee of a nearby business told CultureMap that the bar "was locked up all day Wednesday." We called Downing Street Pub for a statement on the operation status, but at this time the bar has no comment on the rumored closure.

Swamplot notes that the four bars comprising Live! at Bayou Place have closed: PBR Houston, Lucie's Liquors, Shark Bar and Chapel Spirits.

Food trucks are popping up everywhere as of late. Beer Money Food Truck doesn't serve beer, but it serves things you will want with a nice cold one, such as the Beer Money Burger with bacon, daily beer cheese, pickles, caramelized onions, tomato, beer mustard and lettuce, or a side of Trailer Tots, bacon-stuffed tater tots covered in daily beer cheese. Thank goodness the truck likes to set up shop outside Boneyard Drinkery.

Copper Chefs, another food truck, celebrated its opening day at My Food Park HTX on Monday, June 2. The Copper Chefs began as a catering business, and recently expanded by launching a food truck. Customers can delight in chef-prepared dishes, such as vanilla bean panna cotta, wild mushroom risotto, pork ribs with habanero sauce and banana Nutella crepes.

Photo by Roberto TRM via flickr
Who could say no to a banana Nutella crepe?

Speaking of crepes, the newest CoCo's Crepes & Coffee location opened in the previous space of Hollister Grill at 5555 Washington, Suite V. Now Washington-Heights residents have a new place to go for coffee, cinnamon roll crepes and gelato.

And speaking of Washington Avenue, Juicy in the Sky opened on Wednesday, June 4, at 4720 Washington, Suite B-1, next door to Max's Wine Dive. Both Max's Wine Dive locations are neighbors to juice/smoothie shops now. Juicy in the Sky moved from its Heights location at 238 W. 19th, which was actually taken over by Juice Girl, so no change in cuisine.

The Springbok officially opened at 711 Main on Thursday, June 12, after a week of preview parties featuring snacks and drinks. The Springbok is a South African gastropub/sports bar that will be a hotspot for rugby fans to watch their teams on the big screen TVs. The opening is also perfect timing for soccer fans to grab a beer, South African grub and watch World Cup games.

Eater Houston reports that Bosta, a coffee shop and wine bar in the Museum District, opened softly on Thursday, June 12. The new concept at 1801 Binz, Ste. 130, features coffee from Michelle Dinh of Greenway Coffee, as well as pastries and desserts from Chris Leung of Cloud 10 Creamery. Chef Justin Basye is consulting on the food menu which includes buttermilk biscuits, chocolate chocolate chip muffins, breakfast paninis, and cinnamon raisin bread with brie and caramelized apples. Along with traditional espresso beverages and teas, Bosta will serve cheese and charcuterie boards, and snacks to pair with wine, such as marinated olives, pate de Campagne with apricot mostarda, and chicken liver mousse with red onion jam.

The next Whole Foods Market will open at 10133 Louetta on Wednesday, June 25. To kick off the grand opening, the Champions area store will break some bread, and serve coffee and pastries beginning at 7:30 a.m. before the official opening at 8 a.m.

Did we miss any openings or closings? Let us know in the comments section and we will be sure to include them in next week's report.

Location Info


The State Bar & Lounge

909 Texas, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Downing Street - CLOSED

2549 Kirby, Houston, TX

Category: Music

PBR Houston - CLOSED

534 Texas, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Lucie's Liquors - CLOSED

534 Texas, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Shark Bar - CLOSED

534 Texas, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Chapel Spirits - CLOSED

534 Texas St., Houston, TX

Category: Music

Boneyard Drinkery - CLOSED

8150 Washington Ave., Houston, TX

Category: Music

My Food Park HTX

800 Highway 6 S, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Max's Wine Dive

4720 Washington Ave., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Juice Girl

238 W 19, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

The Springbok

711 Main St., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Cloud 10 Creamery

5216 Morningside Drive, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

CoCo's Crepes & Coffee

5555 Washington Avenue, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Juicy in the Sky

4720 Washington Avenue, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Bosta Wine & Coffee

1801 Binz, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Whole Foods Market

10133 Louetta, Houston, TX

Category: General

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Looks like a Pink's Pizza is closer to opening on Washington Ave next to DF food store.  A sign is upright.


* BullChicks opened yesterday in Katy at 1997 Katy Mills Blvd, Ste 900. This is the second Houston-area location. The first one was located at 13655 Bissonnet St and closed last year.

* Gypsy Wagon, a food trailer serving The Heights, opened last week. On the menu are hot dogs and sno-cones.

* The pizza chain, Johnny's Pizza House, opened last week in Katy at 24437 Katy Fwy, Ste 100.

* Pandan Leaf opened its second Houston-area location in Richmond. The bubble tea shop is located at 5418 W Grand Pkwy S, Ste A.

* Tea 2 Go opened Monday in Sugar Land at 11420 Dairy Ashford Rd Ste 100.

* Torchy's Tacos officially opened to the public yesterday in Katy at 23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd. 

Mozelle’s Cajun Seafood Market at 126 Heights Blvd closed about a week and a half ago.


@BobbyFreshpants I live for Fridays as much as you live to troll and post snarky comments on Houston Press every week anonymously. 

Bruce_Are topcommenter


So what?  The information HtownCheapEats is on-topic and adds value, as opposed to your post.


@Bruce_Are @Houstess I don't like people using another publications' readership to promote their own activities. Like the "work at home and earn $1 million annually" spam seen at the top here, it is annoying. Why does Cheap Eats go to all the trouble to research this stuff?  Because there is reward in it somewhere and (s)he is taking the short cut to publicity.  Just my opinion.  I do not demand nor require your concurrence.


@jiah @Houstess @BobbyFreshpants

For the record, I don't copy and paste anything. I research restaurants opening soon, know of architects, construction workers, and people in the restaurant industry, and keep an eye out for new places that are in the process of being built but haven't been mentioned elsewhere online. It's no different than what some food writers and bloggers do. Alison Cook has acknowledged that's how she usually finds new places to visit; while some local bloggers rely heavily on press releases and sites like Eater, Houstonia, and CultureMap for new or unknown places to write about. It is true that some restaurants can be found through lead sheets (especially chains) but not all. Food trucks along with mom and pop restaurants, especially those in New Chinatown, aren't listed. More often than not, small restaurants have no online presence, lacking a website and social media accounts. No one knows about those places unless a sign goes up or  weeks and months after its opening or closing. 

If I were copying and pasting from this master list/lead sheet some of you claim exists - the one that supposedly shows exactly when every restaurant/bar has opened or closed its doors in the Houston area - wouldn't Houston Press be privy to this information; therefore mentioning these openings and closings prior to me leaving a comment about them? No such list exists which is why the author of the weekly opening and closing post misses some things. If such a list existed, some of the local food writers and bloggers would know of restaurants that have recently opened off the beaten path and share it with their followers, but they don't until weeks and months after a restaurant has opened or upon hearing raves from others about it (same for closings). 

I try to keep track of openings and closings but like others, I miss things too. I appreciate when local publications keep us all abreast of under-the-radar openings/closings not mentioned elsewhere. B4-U-Eat did a great job of gathering such information. Since the site shut down a few months ago, lots of openings and forthcoming restaurants have gone unnoticed, as evident in Houston Press' weekly closing/opening report and other local restaurant related websites. If I'm aware of places that have opened or closed, I share it because others may find it useful. Besides, doesn't Houston Press ask each week, "did we miss any openings or closings? Let us know in the comments section and we will be sure to include them in next week's report." If you haven't noticed, the following week Houston Press includes the openings/closures mentioned in the comments (including mine) in their openings and closings post, which in turns informs their many readers of places they weren't aware of and may be of interest to them to try.

In fact, many of the restaurants/bars openings/closings mentioned on Swamplot and Eater (and sometimes CultureMap) are my annoying tips as you would like to call them (in which I ask for anonymity), that even those publications didn't know about themselves (because the information wasn't available on any leads sheet or TABC permit). Those publications found my tips - my bad, the annoying ones as a few of you refer to them - useful enough to share it with their readers. Those tips included Tiger Den, Doughmaker Donut, Glazed The Donut Cafe, Preview Modern Seafood, Jinya Ramen, Hugs & Donuts, BCN Taste & Tradition, Tout Suite, Ninja Ramen, Shake Shack, Neil's Bahr, The State Bar & Lounge closure, and the list goes on. At times, I've received messages from writers of those publications mentioned, 002 Houston and this one, inquiring about new places that opened or are planning to open so they can write about it. But hey, I guess it's because they couldn't find their lead sheet that supplies every forthcoming opening in the Houston area, the one that is accessible to everyone.


@Houstess What exactly am I promoting? The question posed each week asks if there are any openings and closings that weren't mentioned and if so, to provide it in the comments. I do just that and not copied and pasted from any list or publication (check the above comment that addresses this). I would think that informing readers of more places that have opened would be a good thing because it encourages people to support new businesses (including chains).

I don't promote anything and that includes myself. I don't need to. As mentioned in the comment above, some of the writers at Houston Press know me as do other local food writers and bloggers. They know I'm a private person and far from being someone who wants fame (I had a once popular blog - mentioned a number of times by Houston Press, CultureMap and Eater - and have contributed published pieces for Zagat and Eater). Also as I stated previously, I send them tips about openings, which they write about and I ask to remain anonymous. If I wanted notoriety and publicity, wouldn't someone who wanted those things want their name plastered everywhere?  

If a restaurant, bar, or any other type of eatery isn't mentioned and has opened or closed the week of the opening and closing report, I will do as others continue to do and leave a comment. You're more than welcomed to do the same, as the closing paragraph always invites anyone to share anything that's been overlooked.    


@HtownCheapEats FWIW, I appreciate the stuff you post.  Many times you mention stuff that is in my area where rarely do I see them mentioned in the Press, Eater, Houstonia, et al.

BobbyFreshpants topcommenter

@HtownCheapEats btw, I wasn't having a dig at you, so you do need to lighten up!

I like the fact you add your little bit each week. Why not start your own blog to build your name......and also calm down.

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