Make S'mores With the Marshmallows From Petite Sweets

Photo by Molly Dunn
This marshmallow is topped with a drizzle of chocolate sauce and studded with toffee bits.
Petite Sweets is known for bite-size cupcakes, creamy custards, beautiful macarons and other delightful treats. But, you probably didn't know this West Alabama dessert shop sells a variety of marshmallows.

Arrayed in glass jars on the counter, there was a green one decorated in crushed pistachios, a few white ones with caramel drizzle, almond slivers and coconut shavings, and one I could easily identify as cookies & cream. "Petite Sweets makes marshmallows?"

Photo by Molly Dunn
Petite Sweets sells a rotating lineup of marshmallows every day.
And then it struck me: "These would make incredible s'mores." Each rectangular-shaped treat costs 75 cents, so I got two of each and brought them to my parents' house to make s'mores on Father's Day.

Before we lit the fire outside, I sampled a few to see what the texture and flavor was like before we smashed them between two graham crackers and chocolate.

The coconut, almond and pistachio marshmallows were each heavily coated on the outside with their distinctive ingredient which added a nice crunch to the chewy fluff. The caramel flavor was decorated with a caramel drizzle on top and inside, while the chocolate toffee featured the same design but with chocolate drizzle and bits of toffee throughout. Cookies & cream was like an Oreo made of marshmallows.

Photo by Molly Dunn
Roast each marshmallow with two sticks for proper support.

You're going to need two sticks to support the weight of Petite Sweets' marshmallows because each is twice the size of the standard ones. I suggest cutting them in half, to make a regular-sized s'more, or just stuff each treat between two full graham cracker sheets.

Once you start roasting, the marshmallows will begin to melt; the ones with extra ingredients on the outside will burn (especially the pistachios) so keep an eye on those.

The best ones are certainly the salty caramel, chocolate toffee, and cookies & cream (the winner in my book). While pistachio was an interesting choice, as it added more crunch and nuttiness to the s'more, it didn't shine as much as the others did.

Photo by Molly Dunn
I can't get enough of this cookies & cream s'more.

Purchase a bunch of these marshmallows for a summer party, kid's birthday or just to enjoy for a weekend dessert. The varying flavors are a fun twist on a campfire classic.

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