Learn About Houston's Newest Food Trucks in This Week's Feature

Photo courtesy Sticky's Chicken
Sticky's Chicken is one of many new food trucks to hit the streets recently.
Yesterday, we told you about the trend of food trucks turning into brick and mortar restaurants. Perhaps trend isn't the right word, though. Some food truck owners will tell you it's a necessity or that it was the plan all along. Who wants to work on a food truck forever?

Judging by the number of trucks that have opened in the past year, plenty of people are perfectly content to sling food on a truck for the time being. Yes, a food truck can be a stepping stone to bigger things, but it's also a business and it provides a career for a chef/owner unsure of what to do next. Some people choose to get their starts on trucks, showing off their skills for the first time to hungry customers while parked outside a bar. Others are getting back into a kitchen through whatever means possible, even if said kitchen happens to be on wheels.

We asked the city for a list of all the trucks that have been granted permits in the past year to find out exactly how many new trucks have opened. What we got back was a 92-page list of all the permitted trucks in the city--every old truck, every taco truck, every snow cone stand and every random truck that seems to have no online presence. Still, we were able to identify more than 25 trucks that are relatively new to the Houston scene.

Check out this week's feature story for an in-depth look at five of the new trucks on the block, and peruse this list for the rest of the latest and greatest in mobile cuisine.

Binghiman Jerk Chicken
A Jamaican eatery specializing in jerk chicken, curry and oxtails. More information available at Houston Food Truck Reviews.

Blaze it Up
Caribbean trucks must be the next big thing, as Blaze it Up is also roaming the streets providing jerk chicken as well as tacos and fries to hungry Houstonians. Houston Food Truck Reviews has checked out this spot as well.

Cadillac Coffee
It's a trailer that serves coffee pulled behind a swanky cadillac. Fresh kolaches and fresh coffee in style.

Copper Chefs
More event catering than food truck, Copper Chefs wants to bring high-end fine dining to your home or event.

Curbside Sliderz
Exactly what it sounds like. Classic sliders (prepared curbside, duh) with quality ingredients and delicious extras like sweet potato fries. See what Houston Food Truck Reviews had to say about them.

Espresso Rescue
Houston's first coffee truck, which opened in December, looks like an ambulance. It's intended to save Houstonians from the no-caffeine slump with drinks made from Katz's Coffee.

Finga Foodz
Finga Foodz makes a little bit of everything from chicken wings to loaded fries to turkey sandwiches--all of which can be eaten with your fingers, of course.

Flurry's Snow Bar
Snow cones! More than 40 flavors of New Orleans style "snoballs" with custom gourmet syrup and cream toppings.

Known for the Screaming O--a deep fried Oreo covered in special sauce. Lots of savory dishes as well, like poboys, burgers and fries.

Foreign Policy
As the name suggests, it's fusion cuisine with a mixture of Korean, Greek, Mexican and American dishes. Oh, and a burger with doughnut buns. Oy.

Gastro Punk
South Texas street food featuring items like ahi tuna burgers, short rib grilled cheese, burgers and gumbo. Like pub food, Houston-style.

Authentic Greek gyros on pitas, halloumi, Greek salads and, of course, fries (cause it's a food truck). The blue and white truck is often at Agora or Costa's, serving Greek food in apropos spots.

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