Houston Summer Food Bucket List

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Photo by Kaitlin Steinberg
It's a treat to watch ribbon ice be made, and it's an even better treat to eat it.

7. Order Ribbon Ice in Chinatown
Kaitlin Steinberg wrote about the ribbon ice from Nu Cafe in Chinatown. Some call it snow ice, while others call it ribbon ice, but either way, it's a Taiwanese dessert that's just as much a treat to eat as it is to watch be prepared. Explore Chinatown's hidden gems, then stop by Nu Cafe or head to SnowBlock Shavery on Rice Boulevard for one of the best ice-cold sweet treats. Rock-hard ice cream blocks are placed into a machine that shaves the block as it is spins, creating tissue paper thin ribbons of ice cream. Watch the server catch the ice cream on a plate and create a mountain-high dessert accompanied with fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrups and mochi mango boba.

6. Eat Backstreet Cafe's Seasonal Tomato Menu
Tomatoes are one of the best fruits of the summer and Backstreet Cafe's seasonal tomato menu is one of the best ways to enjoy them. Chef Hugo Ortega will be serving up this menu for brunch, lunch and dinner until the middle of September. Don't miss out on staple tomato dishes like the fried green tomatoes topped with crabmeat remoulade, or a light and refreshing tomato jalapeno gazpacho. Introduce your palate to bold flavors with the tomato pie served with a small black bean salad, or the blistered cherry tomato tartine with whipped feta cheese, basil and pine nuts.

Photo by Marco Torres
Tour Saint Arnold, then enjoy a few cold ones with friends for the rest of the afternoon.

5. Tour Every Brewery in Houston
Take the 15 to 20 minute tour at Saint Arnold, then spend the rest of the day drinking fresh brews, eating and playing board games with friends in the beer hall. Karbach might be small, but it's a fun place to eat food from a food truck, sit outside and enjoy a Rodeo Clown or Hopadillo. Buffalo Bayou Brewery also offers tours each Saturday from noon until 3 p.m. and includes two pints of beer plus a souvenir glass all for just $10. 8th Wonder Brewery and Members of The League of Extraordinary Brewers don't offer tours, but they do host events, so check out their Facebook pages and websites to see what they're doing next. Take a trip to Missouri City to tour Fort Bend Brewing Company; to Conroe for Southern Star Brewing Company; and to Katy for No Label Brewery. Each is different and you're bound to have a blast at all of them.

4. Pick Blueberries at Moorhead's Blueberry Farm
Spend any weekend morning picking blueberries at Moorhead's Blueberry Farm in Conroe. They go for $2.50 a pound. Then incorporate them into cobblers or pies with Blue Bell ice cream on the side.

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